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Hey Readers its MoonPie!

I have been gone for a long time…

peanut butter moon pie

Basically all I have done is working out and eating right.

I work out about 5 nights a week and two of those days are heavy workouts.
Hell I am down 40 lbs woot! for me!

Oh I forgot to mention I’ve been working my ass off at the job and with all of lives little stresses, it does not make things easier. I could blog about problems but who wants to hear my sappy stories, hell we all got em!

Lately I just have not known what to blog about.

So with that being said I would like the readers who can comment and my fellow authors to help fuel my mind with ideas on what to write here…. I am in a slump right now with no imagination!

Anyways I am sorry for being gone for so long, I dont want that damn Frog attacking me or its frog legs for dinner tonight…… seriously

  1. luzob says:

    We could use your sappy stories, or anything you can contribute. I’ll send you ideas some other time if you really need it. Many thanks for coming back around.

    • MoonPie says:

      Sappy stories…….lol

      • fischfail says:

        Eh, you will come up with something man. I know you, you will come around. Until then, don’t worry about it too much… Try not to try about shit you cannot control, brother… I mean, that is the reason we have 8 other authors (or at the idea behind it), so no one have to write every day. We will figure this shit out.

      • luzob says:

        “I could blog about problems but who wants to hear my sappy stories, hell we all got em!” just quoting you, homie

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