AYCOoB: Something bad has happened… Part 4

Posted: August 27, 2012 by fischfail in Gaming
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Author’s note: It has been a while since we last visited the tragic story of S3v3n, and you may want to reacquaint yourself with the rest of the story before continuing on. The chapters, if I may be so bold, can be found at the following links: “The Flood,” “The Storm,” part 1, part 2, and part 3.

 Although I lost the original writing of Part 4, and this is a remake, I could not let the story just fall to the wayside. When I first began writing the “Something bad has Happened…” series, it was only supposed to be a 4 part series, and the one reason I could never finish part 4 is: I am in love with S3v3n and Kara. I couldn’t just leave there story to end as such. And as such the new plan is to continue this series until I feel it complete.

I hope you continue to enjoy this story as much as I have.  With that, I feel it is time for the story to begin once again…

I’m not really sure what happened after I collapsed. I remember falling to the ground, screaming in pain, and wishing to die, but after that nothing.

I awoke to an odd tickling sensation. Keeping my eyes closed and enjoying the soft sounds of wind, I brought my hand to my chin and briefly rubbed my cheek. My hand felt cold and clammy, but wholly there. This entire thing has been some long strange nightmare. Everything was actually fine, and I couldn’t explain the tickling sensation so I assumed fucking fly’s were feasting on the charred, disfigured remains of my flesh.

The wind was steadily growing louder… No, that wasn’t right, it was growing…. Closer. But that is impossible. Wind doesn’t get closer, it is constant, unless you move towards it. The “closer” the sound drew, the more it reminded me of… “Gizmo.” It was a certain whirring that I had come to associate with him. How I missed him.

But there was one problem, this sound was coming from every direction at once. I finally opened my eyes, above me I could see thousands of cables running through the air; to my left I could see a bank of digital screens, like the one in my helmet; to my right a reflective surface, the word “funehawse” came to mind, but that was probably wrong.

I had seen them before, of course, but there was something wrong with this one. It distorted your image in some way that seemed to make no sense.

It made the viewer have a long scraggly beard, and gave them shiny limbs… And changed the color of their eyes… How peculiar?

I swung my legs to the side of the bed I was on… No bed was not the correct term, it was more like a soft table, and sat up. After a slight dizzy spell passed I was able to look at myself more closely in the “funehawse,”  how peculiar indeed.

“S3v3n, you have awoken, how do you feel?”  I recognized the sound of the voice almost instantly. It was CDQ5…. “John.”

After a moment of refusing to answer, the man-monster machine-thing spoke again: “Sorry, we had to sedate you. You were becoming a danger to both yourself and the forum, it was something that could not be tolerated. You should once again be fully operational, if you would follow me, we can begin moving forward.”

…Sedate me?

I brought my left hand to my face, the image in the funehawse matched my movements exactly, this time I could clearly feel it, the funehawse wasn’t playing tricks on me, I had a beard… A long one.

“How long have I been asleep?” My voice still sounded… Off. Then the memories came flashing back to me. Painfully fast, and in terrifying relief. The explosion. The missing arm. The… Voice modulator.

“Please S3v3n, if you would please follow me, I will explain. There is something I want to show you.” I shakily stood up and took a few steps. It felt as though I were stepping through mud, my legs were stiff. My boots produced a strange tinking sort of sound. It wasn’t a sound I could immediately place, but with all that happened, who knew? I followed “John” through a maze of corridors and doorways, if he didn’t bring me back I could be lost forever.

Finally, we arrive at a large door, and I can no longer take the silence. “I suppose whatever is behind this door is going to explain everything to me?” I can’t so much as hear “John” as feel him inside my head.

“Yes, but you may want to take a moment to steel yourself, this images behind this door and what they represent can be a little troubling to take in at first…” With that he unlocked the door and pushed it open.

As we walked in, I immediately noticed that I could see where I shouldn’t be able to. And something became immediately clear, although I am not sure how… This was a flesh slave farm.

The image, try as I might to explain is impossible. Imagine a person, connected to every type of testing machine in existence, with cables actually inserted into their body. Imagine, if you will that same person with a facial appearance that combines absolute terror, complete and total pain, and pure bliss all at the same time. Now suspend that person in a tube filled for pinkish goo. To make it all worse, imagine that person having both legs and arms removed for some unknown purpose. Finally, imagine that person’s flesh dissolving away, exposing muscular tissue and in some cases bone.

Now, take that exact scene and replicate it…

Hundreds, if not thousands of times.

“John” was speaking again, he was always speaking… I tried to focus, but this room was overwhelming, it was too much to take in at once…

“If you would follow me… I will explain.” With that, he lead me to a chair, in front of a bank of displays. Before I could protest, I felt myself being secured into place by straps unseen.

After all that has happened my fate is to live for an eternity as a… Science project?

I felt a moment of utter bliss stemming from my right forearm… The forearm that was no longer there. I remember it getting blown off, I saw it on the ground with my own two eyes.

“We were able to reattach your arm… Well a arm, at least, I think you will find this one superior to the one you lost…” The conversation ended at that. I looked down to see an arm there, directly in the place it should exist.

Except this one was metal, and appeared to have quite a bit of functionality, although I would be damned if I knew how to use it.

And there, directly in the middle of my forearm was a cable that ran from the ceiling and into my arm. If not for the feeling of sheer bliss, it would have been terrifying.

“Relax, S3v3n, it will make sense very soon…” And with that, I felt my right arm tense, my vision blur, and then darkness.

A darkness I never thought would end, but as I was beginning to lose all hope, there in the distance was a tiny glow. I glow I knew I must follow if I ever wanted to make it out of this…

Whatever the fuck this was…


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