AYCOoB: Burning Wrath of God – The Silence

Posted: November 27, 2012 by drezirale in Gaming
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(To my family, even though you are all with God. You’ll never leave my heart.)

May 16, 2014:

It’s a little quieter than usual. I’m actually not used to this. Not but a few moments ago this area echoed with the sounds of gunfire and explosions. However, there is now and eerie calm along the land. Perhaps it’s so strange to me not because the fighting has taken but a momentary pause, but rather it’s because I am truly alone now. I’ve just finished burying my brother–the very last family member I had. I’ve seen each member of my family murdered before my very eyes in this past year. I guess these are the things that happen in a war. Whatever the case may be Jerusalem is quiet… for tonight at the very least.

I’ve manage to find an abandoned house located near The Mount of Olives. The house is not in the safest of regions as it’s in Palestinian territory. I believe no one saw me enter and it’s boarded up nature–possibly by it’s prior residents, will aid in my concealment. If I were in fact to be attacked at this very moment there is not much I could do to defend myself as I have exhausted all of my ammunition for my pistol. At this current moment I have but a knife, simple provisions to last me a few days, and… this. This is the map my brother was carrying, the map that lead to his death. I cannot believe I still have this cursed thing. This map highlights all of the Palestinian encampments in Jerusalem, the camps my brother intended to assault.

Should I continue his mission? Should I take revenge for my family members who have been lost in the God forsaken war? I don’t even remember how the fighting even started, or which side is right anymore. Why did I even bother enlisting as a soldier. All of the men in my family did and they are all now dead. Does any of this fighting even matter? Has this land ever seen a time of peace? Why can’t the fighting just stop? Not just for tonight but forever. Both sides have lost so much it just needs to stop! Though, tonight it’s peaceful. If someone should happen to find this and never awaken… please remember my story. My name is Vayichar Af Hashem and today is my thirteenth birthday.


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