You Gonna Learn Today! or A Real Update for Once!

Posted: January 15, 2013 by luzob in Random
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Second-secondary title: FLUS RO DAH!

Been awhile eh fellow Failures? So it’s been one hell of a couple months for all of our authors; random household pandemic (our own personal Ragnarok), school business starting, holidays, etc. but yeah… we should ALL be posting full-force hopefully soon… and while I cannot really say anything in terms of the others I can say…


but yeah… first things first… WTF wordpress?! why in the name of the Gods is everything so… so… laborious-looking? dunno what I mean? try to sign in from your own damn blog page, let alone be posting from a little tophat from the main page… I can’t do shit with this : /. everything – once again – looks so…. laborious?

okay so I got that all off mah shest… next in line:

my Twitter @LuzObLiteration has a whopping total of around 11 followers… so cut that in half and take our duplicates and I prolly have around 3 or so followers… so i am thinking about closing it off, but now entirely sure yet. i mean we get plenty of traffic here, but barely any comments. this leads me to believe that possibly there is no problem with our readers/audience/demographic, but there may be an issue with us. any suggestions could help, and if you happen to be one of the more shy individuals that read our stuff then you can always hit me up on twitter, email me personally at, or even use Fisch’s contact info as well (i even hear he has one of those fancy “you can call and leave a message” phone numbers!). ONTO OTHER BUSINESS!

so i believe that roughly 50% of our authors are currently battling the flu, which also probably means that i’m sick as hell, right?


i’m fucken beauti-… i mean i’m not ill whatsoever. but everyone else in the house is all “eerrrr… muuuhhh… Urdin* uhm ull seck und shet!”

(*this will probably be the only time I will ever call the Allfather “Urdin”)

so… add that as reason number five hundred seventy-eight that this blog is rapidly collecting dust.


on a more interesting/positive (at least for me) note; i am officially a legal pistol owner! this would be my second firearm purchase – the first being my mean-ass Mossburg 500 – and is a Taurus .357 magnum Model 65 revolver and is a heavy, angry sonofabitch. i am so happy with it that I may give it it’s own post. i know i’ve been meaning to create a “my armory” post as well, so expect some pics soon!

i’ve got several other things i feel the need to post, but i believe this will suffice for today!

kisses and pisses (wtf am i even writing that for? is that supposed to be a sign off?)



  1. fischfail says:

    I’ve actually have more than one written and ready to be posted, but this fucking plague that Odin is testing me with has me so fucked up, I may have unintentionally quit smoking, so yeah.

    On a side note, just realized its a lot easier to make a post from my phone than I thought.

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