If We Were Truly Evolved…

Posted: February 27, 2013 by fischfail in Art, awesome, Drezirale, Entertainment, Funny, Humor, internet, Life, LuzOb, Random, Updates, Video
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Tree Anus

Tree Anus (Photo credit: Mark Sadowski)

Yup… Going to hell, not because I stole that, but because I am genuinely a shitty person. I mean I’m not going to push an old woman down stairs that lead into the middle of a busy highway made of exploding turtle sphincters.

What the fuck did I just write?

Who the fuck knows anymore, I don’t. So, I’ve been gone a few days, it happens. All of the other authors of FFI have apparently been abducted because I haven’t heard shit from any of them.

Well, you know what I say… Fuck em.

Either way, this post is dedicated to the authors of FFI. I hope you enjoy. And if this song applies to you, as well, then I hope you take something from it.

As always, we stay around for you guys, we don’t need to the Internet to have narcissism-fueled monologues. On that note, we like to hear from you guys. Make that happen.

Also, I have a new signature, it is shown at the bottom… For reference, here is the old one (which will still be used from time to time).

Also, feel free to click either of the glorious pieces of artwork for a small “surprise” (a feature that will make its way to all authors signatures).



  1. drezirale says:

    The song make me feel better about myself. Also, his buddy Lloyd is way worse off than he is.

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