Back to the Primitive

Posted: June 9, 2013 by luzob in Random
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Writing from my university, woot!

So after a little while I am indeed back from my sabbatical from the blog. I’ve not been busy necessarily, just preoccupied with life and such. I’ve also been secretly promoting our blog once again through word-of-mouth, and thought that the promoter should at least write something… so there ya go.

In other news we should be getting a guest post from a different blog within this month, but this is not in stone whatsoever so keep your eyes peeled for that.

In partly related news we here at FFI have been keeping up-to-date with most gaming news and trends, and as an invested zombie fan and gamer I wanted to let all of you know that the indy-ish game company Undead Labs have been working on their game State of Decay (previously known as Class 3) for awhile now, with little in terms of a release date or any progress besides “we’re getting there!”. As of May 29th a random post on their blog gave the final release date (for the xbla version) of June 5th, or two days from this post. I’d give you the rundown of the game, but just check out their link:

As of the personal lives of the authors, lately Grimnir has moved away after finding a pretty sweet apartment deal, so things have been a bit more glum around the house unfortunately. Don’t think that this news has affected our religious pursuit, though, as I’ve been looking deeper into the lore of Norse Paganism, including a deeper knowledge of the runes that I could only do solo. My attunement (my own word) with the Gods, while tentative during the roughest of patches in my life, is slowly strengthening with study and time. While this may not be something earth-shattering to our readers, it is very important to me.

Lastly I’ve been collaborating with a co-worker on a possible series of short stories that I will, of course, post here for everyone to see. He’s kinda smart as all get-out, so maybe he can help me with aspects of a storyline that I am lacking. Who knows… this may even become a regular thing?

(for some reason I cannot add my sig to the bottom, so I am saving this to post it later of let Fisch post it for me! ERASE)

As a side note from FischFail… Sorry I was supposed to post this a week ago…


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