This Will Be an Experiment

Posted: June 17, 2013 by luzob in Random

it’s 1:37 in the a.m.

I’ve found out over the past couple months that i indeed am suuuuper (can’t think of the word) sensitive to Melatonin… like… by leaps and bounds.

Interesting times indeed.

Now for the first time on FFI there is an experiment in the works. Sadly I just thought of it so it will be in progress. Previously had 3mg of the supplement roughly around 1am.

It is now 1:40 in the a.m. and I am feeling somewhat woozy, but overall normal.

The goal of the experiment is to see how a heightened dosage of Melatonin will interact with my system while attempting to not engage in sleep. Honestly folks this happens every other day I just choose today to document it. This will be a short-term study ending most likely a couple hours after I awaken (therefore the drug will be mostly out of my system).

Some background info: I have been diagnosed with Panic Disorder (more on that in other posts… I think…) and have been attempting to aid my sleep (by advice of a professional!) with Melatonin… maaaaan did it work well. I believe in one minute I will have my second and last dose before beginning the futurama marathon :D. SCIENCE!

1:45a.m. – Taken second dose dry because I’m a badass that’s why… seriously though I just don’t have water nearby. Sidenote: my usual biologically-clocked sleeping time is around 2am and apparently I can rhyme better.

1:47a.m. – Decided to watch futurama, but was startled by the fact that my tv was different from before. This is most likely not a side-effect from the dosage, I’m just really dumb and just recently bought a tv. Began giggling at the Hot Pockets commercial; this may be because of the Melatonin. Grabbed a cup of water and chugged it, got distracted and came back to computer.

Why does the world balance look so awkward right now?

2:01a.m. – still at my computer. the back of my neck is killing me right now (slept on it wrong the last two days).

You know whats a hilarious word for marijuana? Dank… i mean… Dank! that’s funny shit right there. Have I explained to our loyal readers that I have never tried pot/Dank in my entire life? dankdankdank. This experiment is not nearly as dramatic as it could be. I think I’ll use some sort of test as a variable next time.

2:05 – first yawn. laying down briefly. dontsleeeeep!

Cant stop blinking currently. no wait it stopped.

So i have a griddle, alright? I want to use this griddle more, so give me a bombass corn cake recipe.

the letters rn look suspiciously just like m…. rnmrnmrnmnrrmnrnmrnmrnrmnrmnrmnrmnrm. i do not like this.

At this point I was going to write about the chemical response of the brain to Melatonin but got distracted by the cartoon show I made in my head called “Yo GABA receptors” and immediately found myself amusing.

Ugh… heartburn time apparently. its 2:15

cinnamon altoids are NOT antacids. i killed a giant jumping spider today with hand sanitizer. come at me PETA!

2:48 watched more futurama, got bored (now i know something’s wrong with me) and came back to computer. Hopefully I can make it more interesting later?

9:24a.m. – Just woke up. Feeling groggier than some hangovers but overall doing alright. No nausea, no pain, and I didn’t sleep funny on my neck so that’s markedly better. Yawned so… hard? …that I felt as if my jaw would dislocate. Anyway so that’s about it.

Conclusion: This was a rather ill-conceived attempt at not-science, but it seemed to come out alright. I’ll most likely refuse to take more than 2 doses, mostly due to the fact that I’m running out lol. Honestly I’ve done this before, but with varied results, and decided mostly for the sake of entertainment to actually have a post about it. Thanks for coming along with me for the sake of derp-science. Wanna know something funny? I really do know how to conduct a scientific experiment/study… I just don’t give two shits about the process in terms of blogging. Maybe next time I will actually utilize some form of structure to the study. Anyway that’s about it for now, kiddies, and I am still glad you’re here with us, reading our random crap, and supporting us. All of you have a good day, and I’m still very serious about that corn griddle cake recipe!


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