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This is the fifth installment of the “Perkdermp” series… The more I do, I more I realize I might spend too much time on the Internet.

This time around I have a lot of pictures that I have personally enjoyed. Again, I am making no claims that these images are my own (unless otherwise noted), and I do apologize if you feel I have stolen from you in some way. None of the images in this post are explicitly NSFW, however depending on your work environment, there may be one or two that could be bothersome. And now, all the warnings are out of the way.

weird_9 (4)

I know I posted this just the other day, but my confused erection demanded it to be posted once more… Fuck you, I’m allowed to repost on my own fucking blog…



WHAT THE FUCK!? Who the fuck thought this was a good fucking idea? Seriously, “kill it with fire” is not enough in this fucking case…


I hate ferrets, I think they are fucking disgusting and terrifying. The only reason I posted this is: I get strange solace in thinking that cushion is actually concrete and crushing the little bastard.


Not always, just ask the members of Fisch Fail, INC!


… For that lonely bachelor.

2013-06-10 08.38.28

Poi… It is magical

2013-06-12 23.33.05

Look, another Fisch Fail, INC author dressing up as Batman! Let’s see if this one can also become famous!


That seems unnecessary.


What the fuck is that thing? I can only hope that after this picture was taken, the beast turned around and tore the flesh from the person’s face and ate their vocal cords as the camera caught it all, and it is now recorded on the Internet for all to see. Forever.


Hell yeah, I can finally start paying for things again.


I used to think this. My views have changing slightly… Or something.


Last time I used WebMD, it told me I might have Lupus… I stand by that diagnosis.


On July 3rd, I was quite sure Fisch Fail, INC would become part of Stump Lake… Sadly, none of us did, and we don’t have any good stories for you as a result.


…. Damn nature, you scary!


Sadly, I am too poor to even throw Monopoly money at a stripper…


“Cyber Cafe!” If you get the joke, I personally love you.


I honestly don’t remember saving this picture. That is the best part of the Perkdermp pictures… I don’t remember half of them.



It is true, say “America” around the house of Fisch Fail, INC… No one will actually say “fuck yeah,” but we will all consider it.


Guide us, master!


“The Internet is broken…”


I love this fucking kid. Seriously, kid. You can stand by my side in any battle. I would protect you with my dying breath.


I seriously love these fucking bad renderings.


If she is a butterfly, I get to be a bumble bee


I hate puns… I really do, but this slightly amused me.

never forgot dino

Where the fuck is the dinosaur awareness day on the calender?




The Kraken should be released for everything.


Seems fucking legit.




Come at my, bro!


I found the water!


The correct way to correct a dent in a car.


How angry are those “Footlocker” employees?


I’m not sure if I’m confused, terrified, or turned on… Maybe a little of column A, a little of column B, a little of column C.


What happened to that sign? It is proof that Drezirale might be correct for once in his life… Horse’s might be deadly… Or something.


If Mick Jagger and Spock had a child, he would probably be a spaghetti-eating emotionless fuck.


I am actually more interesting in the “Micro Power” button.


Some people, like myself, have too much time on their hands… Others might be virgins.


Sadly, it is true.


This picture really does sum up a lot of things… Unfortunately, it also creates as many new questions, if not more, than it answers.


I think sloths could rule the world… If they fucking did anything.


I’ve been there. And if you say you haven’t, you are a fucking liar!


I do believe this to be true. Google+ banned me a while ago, and recently they decided to allow me to come back. I decided I have too many friends for that.

Well friends, there you go, a bunch of pictures that I stole from the Internet once more. I might have more next week, see you then.


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