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A quote from our main author and contributor from two years (and one day) prior:

“I find it interesting though, that normally, this time of year brings about a large amount of depression and anxiety, and this year was no different. I really have no reason to hate my birthday, or anything like that. This time of year just brings me into a depressive funk that I have never been able to explain.”

Remind me to quote things properly… eventually…

Ever since Mr. Fail posted this I have taken it upon myself to inform the world of his badassery upon the highest rooftop of our blog. I thought about speaking upon the lofty achievements of his life, and referencing the posts past with witty humor and banter that only my sleep-deprived mine could think of.

This time I want something different…

This year it is your collective turns…

I will be collecting bits and quotes of people that happen to personally know Mr. Fail and throwing them into something… I dunno what though… and making that motherfucker count.

So replyreplyreplyreplyreply! and comment on this post things that you want to say about our glorious lead author. I have a gift proper in the works but it’ll have to wait for a couple paydays (and not the candybars, Mr. Fail cannot eat them, dumbasses).

Be it heartfelt, troll-ish or downright disturbing I want to hear from everyone! That means you too lazy other authors…

and that’s really it! fucken easy, right? then DO it! and I will do it first…LuzOb

  1. luzob says:

    I remember so many things about the very long time I’ve known Mr. Fail. I remember cheating at his fifth birthday party by seeing which object I was supposed to identify while blindfolded; it was a Power Rangers magnet, Blue to be exact. I remember being chased out of his living room while we were trying to disambiguate squiggly-lined porn… several times. I remember him falling asleep on the toilet at his sister’s birthday party… Old memories such as his old LiveJournal and staying up all night with The Hun and Slipknot Chat, and newer ones such as poi-ing to Van Canto and Brolaf with his Mighty Killian’s Helmet. Honestly although it would be hard to say it to his face I am happy to have had Mr. Fail as a roommate for… how long now? two years? and have a friendship that can legally drink now. Even though it is filled with cholesterol and beer there is a warm, toasty, slightly greasy part in my heart for you as a friend, brother and Brother. It is with that love that I just want you to make sure you have an epic birthday.

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