There Isn’t a Man

Posted: August 17, 2014 by luzob in Random

Yeah… that’s right… I’m back motherfuckers!

*if we had a themesong it would go here*

So… We have burritos to celebrate, tacos to chug and bitches to violate within our minds!

BITRTHDYA! thats right.. Our intrepid Main Author Mr. Fail’s day of birth is upon us. COMMENCE LAMENTATIONS!!!

At one point he was Jesus…

…just sayin.

Super Sayin..

So I don’t have much to actually GIVE to our lead author, at least not yet, but I do have both a gift for him and a gift for our loyal readers. We still make decent averages per month and I want everyone to know we love you.

With little more adieu and gettingthefuck on with it…

I will be resurrecting FischFailInc!

You heard it here, boys and girls.. We will be coming back. Bigger, Better, Awesomer?

Social Networking! Youtubeing! Old Authors! New Authors!

Y’know the bestest part of all this? Fisch doesn’t know any of this yet…

Here you go, brother. Happy Birthday.



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