Northern Reaches IV

Posted: August 25, 2014 by Grimnir in Uncategorized

Hello my beautiful readers,


This past weekend I was at a full contact combat event called Northern Reaches.

let me back up a little bit and explain a few things.


I participate in a full contact foam combat game called Dagorhir. Think LARP but you actually get hurt. People wear armor, dress up in period or “Tolkeinesque” garb and wail on each other. We’ve got vikings, elves, romans, barbarians – and the group i belong to – the militia; all the evil guys like orcs, goblins, uruk-hai and the like.

Goblins be like...

Goblins be like…

So back to the story. Northern Reaches this year was a very successful event. Our first battle was an hour straight of grind-through-the-mud, shield wall against shield wall, grueling combat. It was fantastic. The best feeling is the one you get when you face an opposing force that can match your own speed and ferocity. The commanders barking orders, yelling for the charge, bodies falling around you as you advance on their ground. Their truly is nothing like it.

The King’s battle pitted two sides against one another, each one fighting to make their leader King of the North. Being what we are, the militia have no arbitrary allegiance. We fight for whoever pays us best. The offer was made of mead and Imperial silver, and so we would fight for Wilhelm. After 30 minutes of tremendous strife, the dust cleared; we had prevailed. We five walked from the battlefield victorious and were rewarded handsomely. The wounds I have incurred are a glorious reminder of our battles, but even after they are gone, the memory of our victory will live forever in my mind.





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