In Preparation of the Tacopocalypse

Posted: November 16, 2014 by fischfail in Tacopocalypse, Updates
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In preparation in the upcoming #tacopocalypse, I made a new image for the blog and I encourage any authors to use it freely.



Also, on a related note, Reddit has has once again provided this blog with an amazing image of the upcoming #tacopocalypse, and that amazing image is:

What time is it?

Holy shit, how perfect is that? Thanks to /u/BobTheBaco for unknowingly creating one of the most perfect images this blog has ever seen.

And, in search of that image, I also found this masterpiece posted by /u/DrRhymes who added this amazing image to the mix.

HappygoluckyDevotedLamb (1)


Did you notice the exploding taco in the second image? That is the exact sort of thing I am talking about for #tacopocalypse.

Well, I think that is enough talking about tacos for the day. Have fun followers, and prepare yourselves. #Tacopocalypse is coming.



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