Trump got trumped

Posted: February 3, 2016 by Grimnir in Random

Good day, weary travelers! Although most know by now, by the grace of whatever gods you may or may not believe in, Donald Trump did not win in the Iowa caucus. It’s a victory for anyone with a brain, to be sure, but the fight is not yet over. If ever there was an election year to get involved, this is it. Republican or democrat, Sanders or Rubio, make yourself heard. Your one vote may seem like small potatoes, but it matters. Every vote matters.

While this is a plea for citizens to be politically active in our system, this is also a plea for everyone to make sure that TRUMP DOESN’T WIN.

Guys a tool. A racist tool. A racist, misogynist tool. I could go on.

Keep the faith people. The only way a democratic system can work is if the people make themselves heard. As rigged as it can feel, do your part.



  1. Anon says:

    Cruz isn’t much better. I’d not really call it a win, just less of a loss.

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