There is a Pan…

Posted: August 17, 2017 by luzob in Random


There you fucking go…



No but seriously there is a MAN known as our author and I shall speak his praises to you toDAY!

To speak of such amazingness is a mere GLIMPSE of this wondrous bastard!

Did you know he tastes like candy?

That at least were the last words of the only man to lick him –

– that man was Jesus.

THAT’S RIGHT Mr. Fail is BOTH Jesus and has been LICKED by Jesus!

Sexy Paradox!

Now that it’s the year 3452. The Army of Terry Crewses have joined forces with the COB (Coalition of Orbital Burritos) to once and for all thwart FischFail using their timebending technology in an attempt to end his reign when it first began. Going back to the year 2017 they are far too late, as Mr. Fail in all his glory is already on every media outlet and broadcast in the known universe!

His eyes burn with the hatred of a handful of vegans on Tumblr!

His smile can burn down said vegans!




You are my best friend and brother, and I’m gladdened to wish you another happy BITRTHDYA.


I love you


  1. MoonPie says:

    Happy birthday old friend!

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