Fisch Fail, INC

Fisch Fail, INC was founded in 2010 by Fisch Fail himself. A security guard who was struggling to pay bills, afford gas, and just live. Daily views were very low, and there wasn’t a lot of content posted very often. In fact, the Fisch Fail, INC blog would often go ignored and forgotten about for weeks at a time.

It was slowly unraveling. Then through help from friends, Fisch Fail, INC slowly starting making a comeback.  LuzOb joined the authors, then with the hopes that he could fill in when Fischfail, himself, was absent. Things started picking back up for the group. Although regular posts were still something of a theoretical possibility.

The next person to join the failure family of friends, was the often mentioned ErinLovesTheWeb, Fisch Fail, INC’s first real editor. Erin worked in the background never being seen, but seeing and hearing everything else is the process.

Then Drezirale joined the family, and almost immediately, viewings jumped. Quadrupled on average and blowing our most active day out of the water by a long shot. Fisch Fail was impressed, things were finally working properly.

But then disagreements and hard feelings arose. All the authors suddenly having a difficult time just writing and things slowly began to slide away again. LuzOb temporarily left the group, Drezirale disappeared, and Fischfail was unreachable for comment.

Then the first year birthday occurred (June 6, 2011), Fisch Fail, INC’s presence exploded back into the world.

Moon-Pie was the next author to officially join Fisch Fail, INC., and we will all be forever changed.

Although Eldwardo has been lurking in the background of Fisch Fail, INC since its birth (even offering a few guest posts here and there), he officially joined Fisch Fail, INC as an author on September 9th, 2011.

October 1, 2011 marks the birth of Ullersson on Fisch Fail, Inc. LuzOB “introduced” Ullersson to Fisch Fail, INC. and since then Ullersson became a huge unknown force within FFI.

November 8, 2011… Fucking FischFailFrog joins the blog… That fucker is legit.

June 16, 2012, Ech13 joined the blog once more as an author, hopefully to stick around for a while this time.

Fisch Fail, INC is here to stay. And once you’ve found them, there is no forgetting about them. Stick around, you may be amazed.

Drezirale still alive!