Okay, so here is the deal. The moron who writes this crap is named Fisch, and quite frankly, he is awesome. Trust me, I know, and you will too.

So, I’m sure the question that is on everyone’s mind is “But what are “Fisch’s” interests?” I could tell you all the goofy shit he’s into, or I could just send him to meet you where I’m sure he’ll eat your face or some such shit. Right now, he is demanding that I say, he’s a “gamer” (believe me when I say he is not good at all…), and that you should feel free to “hit him up” on Microsoft Live at XfiSch schTickX. Yeah, he’s the type of asshole who will shamelessly self-promote until he has passed out from exhaustion and microwave burrito overdose (trust me, it’s better that way.) Seriously though, here is a list of bullshit, Fisch enjoys.


–Filming shit (don’t worry, he sucks at both…)

–He “plays” the bass (when he’s not too “busy” doing other shit.)

–”Fisch” enjoys reading random shit (currently he’s reading Brian Green’s “The Elegant Universe” and Charles Seife’s “Decoding the Universe.”)

–He supposedly enjoys learning new things (such as teaching himself new programming languages, new spoken languages, and IT skills.)

–He loves music, in fact, he is almost always listening to it.

–He does tabletop gaming (Seriously, how nerdy is that…)

There is probably more crap he is into, I don’t know, nor really care. And considering the fact that he is yelling at me to write about the crap he has done is getting quite annoying, I will discuss that now…

–He recently took apart his laptop (was supposedly constantly overheating) to do a repair. It was a success, it went from an average temperature of 96 degrees Celsius, to 48 degrees Celsius.

–He was (at one point) recruited by the government. However, after they realized he was too “awesome” for their needs, they canceled the recruitment contract.

–He once wrestled a bear, with nothing more than a toothpick and a piece of dental floss. After the bear was dead and skinned, Fisch donned that bear’s hide, wore it, and then hiked over 10 miles back to his camp.

–He once ate a blowfish, whole, and then laughed as he was stung over a hundred times by Man-o-wars.

Fisch claims that the above is all true, and you know what? It is, because he is that awesome… Now donate to his cause… That fucker needs a new neck… Figure that on your own.

For other information on this guy, you can click this link: FischFail

To get a hold of this fucker, you can try:

AIM — fischfail

Yahoo — fischfail

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Phone (text or call) — 734-252-6387

Twitter — fischfail

StumbleUpon — fisch-fail

Skype — fischfail

There are others, but he is never there. But sure enough, if you stumble across the name fischfail on the internet somewhere, you can be sure it’s this guy.

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