Wanna see a guy with a goofy hat, beard and pipe?

Well there ya' go...

Now we can get to business… The name’s LuzOb… short for LuzObscuridad, and this will be on the test!

This blog is about grapes… no wait… it’s about ten-thousand ways to improve your networking skills… that’s not right either… I think it may be about Alzheimer’s… hmm.

Grew up in the closest place to non-Alaskan Viking-USA (that isn’t Minnesota) with a sword in one hand and a beard in the other… yeah that’s right… I make little goddamn sense.

A little random, a lot vulgar, a lover of things Metal and metal (yes, there is a difference). I love using parenthesis and other various punctuation at inappropriate times, and usually am rather anal about spelling (when it’s past noon).

Not as “internet/gaming” as Drez or Eldwardo… not at “computer 1337” as Mr. Fail or Moonpie… not as “Viking” as Ullersson… Not as “English-good-making” (case-in-point) as Ms. LovesTheWeb… and certainly not a “frog”… Mr. Ob (or whatever you may call me) tends to attempt the most diverse posting… Jack-of-all-tacos… and master of none.

…except tacos…

Things to expect from my writings: Random stories that need to be worked upon, games both video and pen/paper, the occasional blaspheme, la-dee-da shit like teas, tobaccos, wine/beer, etc., Steampunk, Spam (not the shit-meat, mind you), quotations… and a bunch of other junk I happen to find amusing at the moment.

If you want to read every bit of information that I’ve ever written for Fisch Fail, INC, check out this page.