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Six months later there were no signs of cancer in her lungs but now they found something in her intestines. Chemotherapy may have worked somewhat but the Doc is going to give my mom a more toxic dose to kick the cancer. The bad thing is that it will make my mom much sicker. A risk we must take. All I can do is hope for the best at this point.

That was the worst part of the last six months.

Now we are getting a bit more current in life and the area I reside in is being bought out by Marathon and of course I am just a renter and I have to find a new place to call home. It has been pretty nerve-wracking as of late but someone from above must have helped me out but in a lil over 45 days from now I will be a new home owner. That’s right Moonpie will own his own crib. Not too bad of a price and my monthly mortgage isn’t all that bad either, I think I can handle it.  It is in a nice area too! This was a big hurdle to jump over but I did it even with all the stress and worry.

Now in the last 6 months I have also become a system administrator for the church I attend. Not much work needed but I must be on standby. This job kind of just fell in my lap but I do this work for free. I don’t mind!

To go with that I still work full-time at my current job selling Semi truck parts but I have also taken a step into another direction at the same time. While managing a few jobs I ended up picking up another and it looks very promising. A business partner and I invested in Electronic Cigarettes and I am talking the real kind, not the crappy 800 puff E-cigs you can but at any Gas station. This is the real deal. Our company name is Hypnotic Vapes LLC. We offer a healthier alternative to smoking which can potentially save people who switch to Vaping thousands of dollars a year. We are already posted up in a store full time where anyone in the greater metro Detroit area can buy and start living healthier. We have many different types of E-cigs and well over 50 tasty Hypnotic E-juices containing nicotine. We have high doses and lower doses of nicotine in our E-juices. I will provide a link for the curious and a few pictures as well.

Here is the Hypnotic E-cig Starter Kit!

All you need to get started Vaping!

All you need to get started Vaping!

Here is a pic of our E-juice. We have over 50 flavors!

The Juices come in a variety of Flavors

The Juices come in a variety of Flavors

Here is a link to our FaceBook page so just click here to be taken there:

So for now I apologize for my absence, I hope to stick with this but I can’t guarantee it.



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Titanomaxia Trilemma Supra Saga~ ready to init...

Titanomaxia Trilemma Supra Saga~ ready to initiate the ultimate game (Photo credit: KevinHutchins314)

So, I’ve actually been meaning to make this post for about a month now, and I don’t exactly know what has kept coming up to prevent me from doing so, but here it is. I was part of a group creation, along with ErinLovesTheWeb, Jihawk, Digustipated, Starstorm, Saga, and maybe a couple of others (if I forgot you, I sincerely apologize, buy you could leave a comment, and let me know!)

Let me introduce to you: The South East Michigan Independent Gaming Alliance of Yesteryear. Which is also known as The Semi-Gay. You want to join, send me a message (there are plenty of places where you can do so), and we will see what we can do.

And lets move onto the next bit of news… Does anyone but me remember Fisch Fail live events? I miss that shit, I might try to bring it back. They were fun while they lasted, and it was a good way for you guys to actually get to speak with us and meet us “in person.”

Also, I think we all forgot about this… But we need logos! Any of you remember the logo contest we had going on? The one where you guys were supposed to create a logo for us, so we can have official pictures that apply to us. The contest is simple, you guys design us an image that portrays the concept of Fisch Fail, INC (and if you don’t know what that means, perhaps you could take some time and read some of our older posts, it might clear some things up). We then take your logo design and make sure it gets immortalized for all the world to see… Or at least those who read our blog.

Speaking of contests, we are still looking for a model for some official Fisch Fail, INC flavor (personally, I like chicken and salmon, but you guys can choose other ones that are more to your liking). We could really use contestants, or else you guys get to see us presenting the magical gear and no one wants to see that. And I promise you guys, you will love it.

Also, you should never forget about “I’m Addicted to Your Mom!”

And now for the reason you guys are actually reading this post, the sexiest pictures of 2011 as judged by Fisch Fail, INC.

But wait, there’s ALWAYS more!

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Fisch Fail, INC, is still a baby, still growing, still something…infant

If we were a human baby, we would be learning to speak, and maybe eat something that didn’t have the consistency of baby food. But fuck, we’ve already moved on to tacos and alcohol… Says something about us!

Anyway, yesterday we hit a random milestone… 20,000 views (and damnit, I was going to make sure I got to make this announcement!).

So, it took us nearly a year and a half to get our first 10,000… It took us 6 months, to get our second.

Lets try and beat that record (for us) even quicker.

Tell everyone about FFI, let’s do it!




Copyright Symbols

Image by MikeBlogs via Flickr

Today is the day warriors of the internet. Today we fight back, we take control this is our stand and we will not back down.

For those of you who do not know, today marks the blackout day for the internet. a bunch of sites are going black including our very own FischFail Inc site. Many of the websites have already started, for us however we start in fifteen minutes.

SOPA, is a bill trying to get passed that will block websites that contain links to copyrighted material. EVEN IF YOU OWN IT!

PIPA gives your ISP and other copyright holders means to block certain websites. If your ISP has money with one search engine they may block Google for the hell of it. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!


See you in 12 hours!

en:House centipede ; fr:Scutigère véloce

Image via Wikipedia

Since we have so many new visitors to this blog now, we here at Fisch Fail, INC would like to take this time to say welcome. And since you are already here, why don’t you take a little time to sign up for updates by email. This way, you know when all the best Fisch Fail, INC stuff is written and available. The process is simple and painless and only takes a few seconds.

1) Look on the left side of the screen, see the section titled “Email Subscription”?

2) Enter your email address in the box, and click “Sign me up!”

3) Go to said email, and confirm.

4) Done!

See, couldn’t be simpler. Also, make sure you check out the logo design contest. Submissions are still being accepted, and we eagerly await yours. We haven’t declared what the prizes will be, except for the fact they will be epic. Rules and guidelines are listed in the links above.

Also, Fisch Fail INC has a new feature, a forum. So if you’re new to Fisch Fail, INC, now is the perfect time to sign up and join that as well. But until then, feel free to leave us comments, we love them, just as long as they do not pertain to centipedes!

Fisch Fail, INC live events should be resuming as early as this Friday, and as the week continues on, there will be more information regarding those.

I think that is it for me at this time. Have fun, stick around. Lots of cool things on the way.




Here is a thought. Now, I know contests are great and all but we should do something for the fans just because. I suggest and event, like a gathering of sorts. Perhaps a bar-b-que sometime around the end of summer. What do you guys think? Let me know.


Something Original

Posted: July 3, 2011 by luzob in Alcohol, Contest, Entertainment, FFI Live Event, INC.

It’s a strange feeling; at times I feel as if I’ve been on FischFailInc. for around a week, other times I feel I’ve been here for years (though we’ve only been here for one). Is this common? When I come to this white interface to write, it is almost like an old friend I can say anything to. It won’t judge me for spelling incorrectly (however rare) and for grammar issues (common, but it’s the internet, right?) or for whatever random shit I throw on here.

You can easily tell when we’ve hit the proverbial creative brick wall, because it’s usually only Mr. Fail posting and I tend to become more serious.I just texted Drez and Ech with a simple “post on your blog” and maybe they will follow the call. I need to become more dedicated to this growing project, and the countless other projects I’ve half-baked since joining FFI. I know I’ve been going through some things, and I have school and work and such, but honestly no excuse should pull me away from our community. As we all know, the internet is serious business, and I should treat it as such (am I joking?).

Let’s make a tally of my lil projects (including some that may/may not be unveiled now).

My chief project I want to work upon is Profanely Powered (insert link to the posts here) but I have no idea where I want it to go. I’ll brainstorm some ideas and my goal is to get the third episode up before the end of the week.

FischFail and I have a lil project we were working on before he ran off to Super Magic FunPoiLand. I won’t delve too far into the pre-production, but just know it is an audio-based product that if off the ground will land right here for everyone.

Do I actually have any more projects? Maybe our co-authors can refresh my memory? I have horrible recollection in this… horrific heat. Seriously I feel like I’m catching on fire as I type.

I really wonder if our Chat Fridays will take off sometime. Maybe one day we’ll hit 8pm and we will go from 3 people (our average current) to around 50 or so out of nowhere. Stranger things have occured, such as the fact that we used to feel happy about over 10 views to our blog, but now are sorely “disappoint” when we get less than 20.

I believe every co-author should put something similar to this in their next posts: What I think could possibly improve our blog.

Firstly: MORE POSTS! …we can always have more posts from everyone, including maybe some guest authors and such. A possible extra Chat day? Once we figure out which chat we will stick to, that is… Nextly: perhaps shortening the deadline for the Reader Insignia Submission Contest? I try my best to never blame our readers, but maybe lighting a pyre under them could get us more submissions? No input is too awesome nor retarded, etc. for us, and I am slightly impatient to implement our contest reward… Lastly: FISCHFAIL.COM!!!

So what do you all think? More poop stories? Drunk posts? Audio posts? Keep doing the same shit we always do? Randomly scream Cranberries lyrics whilst naked on the couch? it… could happen… maybe not as a suggestion, but perhaps a threat? better keep those views up… if you know what I mean…

…You watch, biggest views day for the month now… Just watch…

…wait… you can’t…

30 Minutes and Counting

Posted: June 24, 2011 by fischfail in FFI Live Event

Just wanted to remind everyone that a Fisch Fail, INC live event is being held in about 30 minutes. Feel free to come hang out and chat with all your favorite Fisch Fail, INC members. Only at

The choice is yours! Your soul is mine…

Posted: June 24, 2011 by fischfail in FFI Live Event

Just a quick reminder to everyone out there (including the staff of Fisch Fail, INC). There is a Fisch Fail INC, live event being held tonight at a secret location.

You should all come out. The shindig will start around 8pm Eastern Time (for those non-local viewers).