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Good day, weary travelers! It’s time for another Fun Fact, or at least this one is fun for me. Do you like dinosaurs kids?

Why am I even asking; EVERYONE LOVES DINOSAURS!!!!

The Jurassic Park series is one of my favorites in cinema history. Not because it’s cinematically revolutionary or anything like that, but because it’s what I grew up with. When I was a kid, I was at the Natural History museum a couple times a week. I love dinosaurs, hence the fact that I am pursuing a degree in paleontology. Now, although I love Jurassic Park, it is scientifically ridiculous. There are so many things it gets wrong that I don’t know where to start. So I’ll just go over the big one I have in mind; Velociraptors.

Above: Utahraptor, Below: Velociraptor

In Jurassic Park, Velociraptors are big and menacing, depicted as being as tall or taller than a fully grown man. This is not the case. the Velociraptor was actually closer to the size of a turkey. What you see in the movies is closer to the Utahraptor. I think you can see why they didn’t call them that; it doesn’t sound as cool. As you can see from the pictures above, the Velociraptor was small. That’s not to say it couldn’t have likely eviscerated a human being if it really wanted to, but the obvious creative liberties stand.

And don’t even get me started on the Mosasaurus in Jurassic World… Regardless of how miffed I get as a science major, the kid in me forgives Spielberg for the ridiculous inaccuracies.

Until next time, folks!



Good day, weary travelers! Today I’ve decided to drop an interesting bit of trivia, for those who may not yet know it.

Thomas Edison – you know, the lightbulb guy – made this thing a long while back called the phonograph. I won’t go into the mechanics of how it works, but the phonograph was essentially the predecessor to the record player. Nowadays, we have these newfangled music devices and it’s all… well it’s just tops.


What many may not know is that when Edison invented this archaic device of sound emission, he had it in mind as a recording device for higher purposes; Dictation, education, business, things of that sort. He believed that his invention would only be cheapened if used for the purpose of playing music. He eventually conceded, of course, leading over the next century to the extrapolation of other mediums for the purpose of musical recording.

Isn’t that neat? Bet most people didn’t know that. We learned something new today. Well done.


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So I had a terribly evil and horrible idea a while ago while looking back at one of my favorite nerdy news blogs, Topless Robot. A former writer of said blog named Rob Bricken had a weekly post called Fanfiction Friday that I found to be disturbing, disgusting and so god damn funny it hurt. Unfortunately like all the good things in my life it ended when he moved on to (what I hope are) bigger and better things writing for i09. He did continue to do FFF on io9 for a while it was shut down after it was decided that being on the much lager site FFF looked like the big bad guy picking on the small, defenseless writers. This makes me a sad panda. SO after having to much to drink and reading some of my favorite FFF posts I decided to try my hand at this bit of satire.

So now that where this idea came from is out of the way I should probably explain what the unholy hell this is about. Basically I will be presenting a piece of fanfiction with my reactions as I read through it. Think of it like Mystery Science Theater 3k but with graphically disturbing fanfiction instead of terrible films.  Hopefully in my drunken state I can at least bring a bit of a chuckle out of any poor souls who happen upon this post and are unfortunate enough to read what I have. My other goal is to cause any of the writers of Fisch Fail to start vomiting uncontrollably, but that’s only because I love them so much.

In any case I should probably get this started.

Today’s story is called “WHAT’S 25 FEET TALL AND COMES IN PINTS?”.

Yep a Jurassic Park fanfiction by Michael Collins (I hope the writer didn’t use his real name). May god have mercy on my soul.

Warning, beyond this point is very NSFW !

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Six months later there were no signs of cancer in her lungs but now they found something in her intestines. Chemotherapy may have worked somewhat but the Doc is going to give my mom a more toxic dose to kick the cancer. The bad thing is that it will make my mom much sicker. A risk we must take. All I can do is hope for the best at this point.

That was the worst part of the last six months.

Now we are getting a bit more current in life and the area I reside in is being bought out by Marathon and of course I am just a renter and I have to find a new place to call home. It has been pretty nerve-wracking as of late but someone from above must have helped me out but in a lil over 45 days from now I will be a new home owner. That’s right Moonpie will own his own crib. Not too bad of a price and my monthly mortgage isn’t all that bad either, I think I can handle it.  It is in a nice area too! This was a big hurdle to jump over but I did it even with all the stress and worry.

Now in the last 6 months I have also become a system administrator for the church I attend. Not much work needed but I must be on standby. This job kind of just fell in my lap but I do this work for free. I don’t mind!

To go with that I still work full-time at my current job selling Semi truck parts but I have also taken a step into another direction at the same time. While managing a few jobs I ended up picking up another and it looks very promising. A business partner and I invested in Electronic Cigarettes and I am talking the real kind, not the crappy 800 puff E-cigs you can but at any Gas station. This is the real deal. Our company name is Hypnotic Vapes LLC. We offer a healthier alternative to smoking which can potentially save people who switch to Vaping thousands of dollars a year. We are already posted up in a store full time where anyone in the greater metro Detroit area can buy and start living healthier. We have many different types of E-cigs and well over 50 tasty Hypnotic E-juices containing nicotine. We have high doses and lower doses of nicotine in our E-juices. I will provide a link for the curious and a few pictures as well.

Here is the Hypnotic E-cig Starter Kit!

All you need to get started Vaping!

All you need to get started Vaping!

Here is a pic of our E-juice. We have over 50 flavors!

The Juices come in a variety of Flavors

The Juices come in a variety of Flavors

Here is a link to our FaceBook page so just click here to be taken there:

So for now I apologize for my absence, I hope to stick with this but I can’t guarantee it.




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As you are most likely aware we are attempting to always bring more interesting and pertinent information in the most efficient manner available. Finally joining the undead ranks of smartphone users and officially posting from said device is my way of saying that despite our tardiness we’re going nowhere and will continue to bring the goods! That’s it for now


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Hey Eldwardo here with just a simple post.



Go play  Bioshock: INFINITE

If you enjoy an intelligent engaging story and amazing game play you will not be disappointed.

Seriously if you play video games you need to play this. DO IT

Yes that means every member of FFI

You lovely bastards.