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So as I sit here with my fellow authors, Luzob and Mr.Fail, I truly feel a wave of shame wash over me. I’ve complained a lot lately about feeling stagnant, stuck in a state of limbo as i am between jobs and semesters of school, and yet for some reason I have been absent from our humble little blog. I plan to change that.

Every Friday will be Firearm Friday, where i will either post a video of myself testing a boomstick or write a post about a certain weapon that I would love to add to my collection.

Every Monday will be about something that happened at school, because as all you current and former students know, some seriously messed up shit can happen on a “normal” Monday.

Every Wednesday will be Odin’s day. I’ll be posting wisdom in one form or another that I hope will enrich your lives as much as it does mine.

Every Thursday will be Thor’s day. This will be a post about armed combat, sometimes including a video of said combat taking place right here at Fisch Fail Inc.

Our prior absence will now be followed by posts the likes of which NONE of us have ever seen.

May the gods watch over you

Måtte Æser ser deg



Alright, so I know it’s a common phrase, especially today with this fucking “YOLO” busllshit (seriously, stop abbreviating, you sound fucking ridiculous) but for the love of the gods, you only live ONCE.

Honestly, have you really ever thought about that? Not just “yeah, I guess that’s true” but like “HOLY FUCK, I GOTTA LIVE IT UP!!!!!!”

I’ve just had this epiphany about 6 months ago, and life could not be simpler. I mean really, you need to just DO IT, because you may never have another chance. And if you get hurt, oh well that’s life. If it kills you, so what we all die anyway. Just learn to say FUCK IT every once in a while.

What I’m trying to say, everyone, is this:

Measure your life not in the years you’ve lived, but in the fullness that you lived them.

May the gods watch over you

Måtte Æser ser deg

Grimnir Odinsson

My vision is hazy and my heart is heavy, for I will not make it home.

The air is cold as I stumble towards the stream and my sword feels cumbersome. The wound in my side flows like the water over the rocks, and it is deep.

The wound in my back is deeper still.

The ground is hard as i fall to my knees next to the riverbed and i weep; not for my own death, but the death of my homeland. The warriors who come under the banner of the Christ god will not stop until our ways are forgotten and our gods left behind. I take solace in the fact that while i am dying, they are dead. I suddenly feel as though i could do with some rest and I let myself fall into the stream and shut my eyes as the cold water laps my cheek.

And as I fall into darkness, A light burns against my eyes and so I open them once more.

My vision is clear and my heart is warm

For I am home.

The air is perfect and my sword is more a part of me than my own beating heart. Where once fatal wounds had been, only scars remain.

The ground is soft as I stand on my feet again and I weep; not out of sadness, but joy. The warriors who came under the banner of the Christ god will never see what I see, never feel what I feel in this moment, and I turn to embrace the sight of that glorious mead hall. I take solace in the fact that, while my brothers and sisters are dead and dying, I will see them again in that hall. I walk towards the steps as the doors open, and a one-eyed man motions me to a seat at his table and says

Welcome Home

May the gods watch over you

Måtte Æser ser deg

Grimnir Odinsson

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Fisch Fail, INC, is still a baby, still growing, still something…infant

If we were a human baby, we would be learning to speak, and maybe eat something that didn’t have the consistency of baby food. But fuck, we’ve already moved on to tacos and alcohol… Says something about us!

Anyway, yesterday we hit a random milestone… 20,000 views (and damnit, I was going to make sure I got to make this announcement!).

So, it took us nearly a year and a half to get our first 10,000… It took us 6 months, to get our second.

Lets try and beat that record (for us) even quicker.

Tell everyone about FFI, let’s do it!




Copyright Symbols

Image by MikeBlogs via Flickr

Today is the day warriors of the internet. Today we fight back, we take control this is our stand and we will not back down.

For those of you who do not know, today marks the blackout day for the internet. a bunch of sites are going black including our very own FischFail Inc site. Many of the websites have already started, for us however we start in fifteen minutes.

SOPA, is a bill trying to get passed that will block websites that contain links to copyrighted material. EVEN IF YOU OWN IT!

PIPA gives your ISP and other copyright holders means to block certain websites. If your ISP has money with one search engine they may block Google for the hell of it. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!


See you in 12 hours!

I have compiled a number of pictures of my relatively impressive arsenal of weapons and armor, given my young age of just 19 years. It has taken me a long time to accumulate these things, some of which are almost 100 years old, or older. I would like to begin by saying that the only way to truly be safe with firearms is to know how to use them. NEVER, I repeat NEVER use a firearm without the express permission of it’s owner and the proper instruction in the use of the weapon. It makes no difference whether it’s a shotgun, rifle, handgun, assault rifle, etc. You know that old saying “Guns don’t kill people, people do”? Well who ever came up with that is a moron and obviously never held a firearm. You can be killed by carelessness just as easily as the malice of an attacker. I really do advocate gun safety, and so this article will be my shameless rant on the subject. Please guys, I can’t stress it enough, be smart! Now, for the fun part. Just click the image to see the full description:

Remember kids, Safety first!!!

May the gods watch over you

Måtte Æser ser deg



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Oh my god…

Posted: July 14, 2011 by drezirale in Religion
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So lets touch on a serious subject– I know rare for me right? The topic is religion. I started thinking about this a while back. Not a whole lot of people in this world really know that much when it comes to their beliefs. Not to rag specifically on Christians, but it seems some of you folk seem to know the least in what you believe. Now, I have nothing against your beliefs, there are even some of you have presented me with valid arguments, and dare I say put me in my place. I love that more than anything. I don’t often like to be wrong, in fact I hate it a lot. Though when it comes to religion it brings me great joy to be proven wrong. You know why? Because it means you know your shit.

A while back when I was in high school. I was talking of the three earth based religions. When someone stopped me right in the middle to say “What about Christianity.” To which I replied. “It’s not an earth based religion.” Needless to say this highly offended the person. Their argument was we are on earth and Christianity was the religion of the world. I then informed them that earth based is worship of elements, animals, and other such spirits. Which then made them say. “But God made these things, so Christianity is earth based.” Still not seeing my point I dismissed this conversation. I’m willing to accept Christianity being the most widespread religion… However, it’s not the one ring to rule them all, so to speak. Much like it’s not the oldest in the world either.

Christianity only dates back to Jesus and his disciples. Before that it was Judaism. The old testament is parts of the Tanaka. Not even the whole thing either, just the parts convenient for the religion in it’s time period. Even during the crusades the bible constantly had things taken out and put in to fit the needs of those who were doing “God’s Work.”  Even Judaism has less of a recorded history than most. By that I don’t mean things happened before Genesis, I mean there are less things from the past of these recordings. No one was around for the big bang. According to the bible God didn’t even make ma until the fifth day. So who knows, there could of been some whack job making shit up in the bible ages and mass produced it as a religion. Look at Scientology, prime example right there.

Another factor would be, humanity as a whole has increased our worldly knowledge so much that common sense would now dictate, lightning plus tree equals fire. As apposed to the then, burning bush miracle. Again, not to pick specifically on this religion, I wasn’t there I don’t know. I’m merely presenting a different plausible outcome. I’m sure every religion has things like these. However, I have only studied a few religions, and only read the Christian bible cover to cover twice. I’d like to say I have a particular religion but I really don’t know enough about any of them to make a true commitment.

There have been points in my life where I have been shown what is what. I was once arguing Mono-theistic vs Poly-theistic. When someone brought about the idea Christianity was Poly, due to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit aspect of things. I presented the argument of the trinity and God being the creator of all these things making it a Mono. To my surprise began comparing Christianity to other Polys such as Athenian, and even Asatru. God x Odin x Zues, Jesus x Thor x Hercules, Lucifer x Loki x Hades. Relation seemed to vary but the outcome for the most part remained unchanged. Not, only that but there are scores of other beings in the Christian religion that seen as icons. Mary, Micheal, Raphael, and Gabriel to name a few. This same person then presented devil worship as a form of the religion as well. Where one can worship say, Loki and you still can be Asatru, all the beings are still there and you still believe in them you just choose to worship the evil end of things. This actually amazed me.

Then again who is really to say what’s good and evil. It’s all on the matter of who’s old or new writings you happen to agree with. It’s personal choice. I have nothing wrong with the choice, I just ask you at least know why. I have asked that question so many times. The most popular one was “It’s the right way.” I have gotten the best answer, “It’s what I like.” but it’s very rare.  You could make up a god tomorrow and name him Billy Bob God Of Corn Cobs. I guarantee you will know more about him than most will know of their own religion. Including myself.