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Alright, so I know it’s a common phrase, especially today with this fucking “YOLO” busllshit (seriously, stop abbreviating, you sound fucking ridiculous) but for the love of the gods, you only live ONCE.

Honestly, have you really ever thought about that? Not just “yeah, I guess that’s true” but like “HOLY FUCK, I GOTTA LIVE IT UP!!!!!!”

I’ve just had this epiphany about 6 months ago, and life could not be simpler. I mean really, you need to just DO IT, because you may never have another chance. And if you get hurt, oh well that’s life. If it kills you, so what we all die anyway. Just learn to say FUCK IT every once in a while.

What I’m trying to say, everyone, is this:

Measure your life not in the years you’ve lived, but in the fullness that you lived them.

May the gods watch over you

Måtte Æser ser deg

Grimnir Odinsson

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So I took a hiatus from this website due to reasons concerning; Nothing to post, nothing to write, being annoying and stuff. Yea, whatevs, I’m back (not as if anyone that reads this would have noticed but I digress)  I’ve been writing in the mindset of a someone that has lost someone near and dear to them. So I suppose without further ado here’s some snippits of stuff that i’ve written. (Figured I would share it with the people that so happen to stumble on here or come here regularly. Who knows, maybe it will be motivation for ya’ll to come back now y’hear!!!??!)

Where do I go, what do I do? Sitting in the darkness, I await for an angel to bring me back to the light.
Stuck in the past, living in a surreal dream, I patiently await. Nothing is making sense, the puzzle pieces won’t go together, harmony is never attained.
The music is playing. The chords are atrocious, they’re nails on a chalkboard, the dancing starts.
Twirling and dancing the dreams they once held dear to. Time stops.
The vast emptiness swallows the stars, the ones that we once aimed for. Nothing is spared, all hope is gone. The final glimmer that is noticed is the tear that shone from your cheek. 

I particularly liked the like that I underlined (hence the underline) I find it to be quite a beautiful sentence. Anyway, here’s one more (can’t give you everything at once can I?)

A sliver of time passes by. It feels like an eternity without you by my side.
My heart yearns for you. I call your name, pleading for forgivness but it falls on deaf ears.
I try to caress you but my fingers cannot penetrate your numbness. I realize my faults, will battle my fears if only to make you realize that I can change.

A cold chill runs down my spine. I would rather face death then lose you forever. The demons that you battle, I would gladly fight for you.
The guilt that I feel will never cease to exist. Not until I hear you say “it’s ok.”
You were the reason for my warmness, now that you’re gone I’m empty and cold.
Nothing can ever replace the hole in my heart that was occupied by you.
I’ll change, I promise you with all of my being, if only you promise to come back to me.

Cry baby bullshit, but I feel it’s a great way to express emotion and in a non self-destructive way. More will come, I promise you all.



Welcome, don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and subscribe for the latest in entertainment. And if you use StumbleUpon, go ahead and give us a thumbs up, would ya? Thanks!
Titanomaxia Trilemma Supra Saga~ ready to init...

Titanomaxia Trilemma Supra Saga~ ready to initiate the ultimate game (Photo credit: KevinHutchins314)

So, I’ve actually been meaning to make this post for about a month now, and I don’t exactly know what has kept coming up to prevent me from doing so, but here it is. I was part of a group creation, along with ErinLovesTheWeb, Jihawk, Digustipated, Starstorm, Saga, and maybe a couple of others (if I forgot you, I sincerely apologize, buy you could leave a comment, and let me know!)

Let me introduce to you: The South East Michigan Independent Gaming Alliance of Yesteryear. Which is also known as The Semi-Gay. You want to join, send me a message (there are plenty of places where you can do so), and we will see what we can do.

And lets move onto the next bit of news… Does anyone but me remember Fisch Fail live events? I miss that shit, I might try to bring it back. They were fun while they lasted, and it was a good way for you guys to actually get to speak with us and meet us “in person.”

Also, I think we all forgot about this… But we need logos! Any of you remember the logo contest we had going on? The one where you guys were supposed to create a logo for us, so we can have official pictures that apply to us. The contest is simple, you guys design us an image that portrays the concept of Fisch Fail, INC (and if you don’t know what that means, perhaps you could take some time and read some of our older posts, it might clear some things up). We then take your logo design and make sure it gets immortalized for all the world to see… Or at least those who read our blog.

Speaking of contests, we are still looking for a model for some official Fisch Fail, INC flavor (personally, I like chicken and salmon, but you guys can choose other ones that are more to your liking). We could really use contestants, or else you guys get to see us presenting the magical gear and no one wants to see that. And I promise you guys, you will love it.

Also, you should never forget about “I’m Addicted to Your Mom!”

And now for the reason you guys are actually reading this post, the sexiest pictures of 2011 as judged by Fisch Fail, INC.

But wait, there’s ALWAYS more!