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I think I like the word “nonsense” almost more than any other non-taco-related word out there. I’m not really sure why.

So I moved 200 miles away from the only world I knew. That isn’t to say that I’m living 200 miles away from Earth, it’s just that my world has always been a VERY small and confined place. It’s taking a lot of getting used to, and I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. So whats a guy to do when he basically is in a brand new place, with nothing but time on his hands? Grow as a person and branch out, becoming stronger in the process?

If that means drink a lot and sulk… then yes?

So here’s my attempt to not only start up a new hobby for myself but also get some desperately need social interaction:

This is the Official LuzOb Twitch profile

Once again I’m here to shamelessly promote something! But if I can’t promote my own content to my own fanbase, then who can?

I’m somewhat hopeful that this will end up panning out to something that at least gives me joy, and maybe down the line end up giving me a little extra revenue? Because you’ve stuck with us for so long I will give our lovely readers exclusive updates, and if you help me out I will make sure to help you out as well.

Thank you for the years of support despite my sporadic authorship.


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Fuck copyright

Fuck copyright (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I made a facebook page for myself as a public figure, or some shit. I also have a bank of massive postage coming your way, and a big surprise (hopefully) soon.






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A smiling baby lying in a soft cot (furniture).

Do you see this thing? Isn't it fucking adorable?!?

What is “getting old” in this day and age?

Is it a physical stage in life, such as getting a career (not just a “job”) getting a family, etc.

Or is it something else?

I am in the beginning of my Lifespan Psychology course, and as most classes are formed, this one is chronological as well.

So these last few days have been about mostly one subject.


At first I was like “ugh… a two-month fetus’ head is half it’s length… what the fuck” and then we started talking about nurturing and caring for the little demons.

I felt strange… as if, not only was the thought of coddling a little infant not disturbing, but…

Appealing? Almost as if I want a child of my own.

Oh dear Odin…  what is wrong with me.

I’ve been in a (mostly) consistent relationship with Weakening Elms for three years, and maturity is usually one of our “hot button” issues.

I’m kinda a retarded man-child…

I’ve taken strides in my own personal development during these short years, though I do need a few more steps…

Because I am still a retarded man-child…

I will give you a little insight into my life.

…I am a Human Services major.

What does that mean?

I will one day take your children from you…

NO… I mean I may become a Social Worker (the sky is the limit… or my bank account is… whatever).

I have been learning a crap-ton from these courses, and will be much happier in the field than my old major (Culinary/Hospitality Management). Seriously though I just want to help those around me (self-validation, check).

Part of me feels as if I may be growing into adulthood (finally) but another deep well within my being tells me that something is… off?

Most likely just my normal anxiety-ridden reaction to changes within my life.

…I get twitchy when I go clothing shopping for fuck sakes.

i know this is quite atypical from the FFI community, but these serious issues have been weighing heavily upon my proverbial shoulder, and I thought you kiddies would want to know as to why I’ve been posting sparsely as of late.

So there you fucking go…

(bullet point) I may be have my biological clock ticking and alarming at my brain.

(another fucking bullet point) I may be slowly feeling more comfortable with the “adult” shit.

(guess what? another bullet point) Stress is beating my ass (as normal).

(this one gets some asterisks or something) Fetuses are still terrifying as hell.

That be all.

Does it Even Matter Anymore?

Posted: September 1, 2011 by luzob in Random
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Diagram showing three main types of cloud comp...

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Is it even worth posting these days?

Hah… fuck yeah it is.

So it’s a new month, the nights are getting chilly…

Oh wait…

It’s like ninety degrees right now.


So for some updates and shit…

I am officially taking a first-year-college computer course… I was all expecting “derp… this is how you start button… don’t right click it, or you’ll get herpes.”


Fucken systems informative database terragigas and shit…

IT dogshit tacos paving the way to cloud computing and Wii controllers…

seriously? I don’t need this shit… but since I’m here, I may as well get Mr. Fail to do all my homework for me ;).

I also have one of the ONLY math classes that uses a program that I can’t fake and is seventy fucking dollars…

But I do get to use the cheap calculator…

Fuck this shit I’m over it, it’s too hot to type…

Y’heard me…

Traffic slowing to a crawl on the Monash Freew...

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So I was on my way to school today and I get about half way there, when rush hour traffic hits and there is wall-to-wall traffic occurring. I realize that the vehicle I am in needs gas, so I decide I will get off at the next exit (65), stop at a gas station, grab a bite to eat and a pack of cigarettes.

As I approach the ramp for the exit, I realize it is not going to happen. This exit is even more packed than the expressway and there is no way I’m getting on it. No big deal. I can easily make it to the next ramp, exit there, put some gas in the tank, and continue on my merry way.

Suddenly, the inside of the vehicle feels incredibly hot. I look down and realize the temperature gauge is elevated, we’ll call it 75% elevated (as opposed to the vehicle running normally around 50%). It’s okay, that is to be expected, it is quite warm outside, and there is wall-to-wall traffic. My air intake is sucking up the exhaust of all the cars in front of me.

I make it to exit 67b at 10 miles per hour, the temperature gauge is even higher, let’s say 90% percent now. I excel slightly, I hit 20 MpH, and suddenly the car makes a dinging noise. I look down and see a “Check Gauges” light has appeared. I check the temperature gauge once again. Only this time it is around 100%. critical fucking mass. So, slowly, I make it to the nearest parking lot. By the time I park, the console is lit up like the fucking command center of the Enterprise.

I exit the vehicle and I smell hot engine/rubber. I hear something, a bubbling noise, it sounds like a tea kettle…. It’s my engine. I can hear it over the hustle and bustle of rush hour traffic. I look down, there is a giant glowing green, smoking puddle forming under the front end of the car…

I call the car owner and explain what is going on, they say they will be there ASAP. I wonder around for a few minutes and decide to have another cigarette, and call LuzOb and talk for a few moments. Mind you it has now been about 15 minutes since I parked. I hold the phone to the front of the intake, and see if Luz can hear the sound as well.

He can, clear as fucking day…

So, the wait began. finally an hour and half later, the owner shows up, with gallons of water, hoping that is was just a case of being low on fluid. The engine is still warm, but at this point it is no longer hot. I watch him pour the water directly in the top  of the radiator. I watch the vehicle pour it right back out the bottom of system…

The strange part is this: We could fill the radiator, we could fill the reservoir. The would both remain full, and yet we could see this water pooling underneath the vehicle. Needless to say, it has to be towed… How awesome of a day…

So much for that special gift I had planned for all of you.