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The other morning, while ErinLovesTheWeb was at work, I took a small trip and ran into a friend I haven’t seen in months. She offered to buy me a cup of coffee while we caught up.

We sat down and began talking. She told me she felt out of tune with herself, that she has had serious relationship trouble lately. In fact, she apparently has not had a decent relationship since our separation.

After a little more chit-chat about our lives in the current, we place a to go order and decide to return to my house to further our discussion.

After a while we were both feeling rather low and needing of a hug.

One touch of her smooth curves left me feeling tingly once again. I hadn’t felt this way in years.

Moving my hand up I began caressing her neck softly, sweetly. She responds with a low growl.

With my right hand on her hip, we start slowly swaying back and forth. The next thing I knew, we are embracing a touch and desire that has long been neglected by the both of us. My hands caressing her body, her moans and cries filling my ears.

I begin at the top of her neck and work my fingers down every long beautiful inch until I am at her body, and then I begin the course upwards.

Before long we silently sneak inside to my bedroom. The bedroom that I happen to share with ErinLovesTheWeb.

I lay back on the bed, she across my chest, we begin to get to “warmed” up.

Soon my fingers have her moaning and deeply growling. If you have never heard it, it is a beautiful sound.

But then it happens… Right in the middle of our reunion, ErinLovesTheWeb walks in… And catches me…







Playing my bass.


I am going to rattle on about a friend I know and the type of friends he has seen in his lifetime thus far.

          Friends are important in his life and always have been. There was never a day that went by where he didn’t spend time with a friend or help a friend whether it is physically or emotionally. Yes guys get emotional… shhh keep that to yourselves. He named off the type of friends he has met in his life…. Here is the short list:

  1. Sincere Friends are the ones really close to you
  2. Listening Friends are the ones that talk little but hears everything
  3. The Occasional Friend who you run into only occasional under sad circumstances
  4. The Moocher Friend is always asking you for something
  5. The Problematic Friend who is always in trouble
  6. A Cyber Friend is someone you get to know on the inside before the outside
  7. The Friends that always ask to borrow money/Friend that always loans out money
  8. The Transportation Friend is always ready to give you a ride

There are many more TYPES of Friends but you kind of get the idea now….

          So this friend of mine has seen a lot of friends come and go, some he wished would have stayed while others he blessed the lord with as they exited his life for good. He said the one type of friendship that seemed so hard to hold  on to was the friendship between men and women…

Well that’s definitely interesting to say the least as I too know a little something about that. I’ve heard it’s definitely a chore to keep up a purely platonic relationship between men and women.

Let’s take a friendship between man and woman, you respect each other and you are both interested in each other. Plus, you are not confused with that fact that she is a girl. You never talk about love or sex, but about life and everything in between. No intimacy, just friends and everyone sees that you two are only friends. This makes for a faithful friendship but who knows how long before the inevitable happens.

Then again, what about the other types of friendships between men and women… are there such a thing? How does it work out? Can you really be BFF’s forever and never feel sexually attracted to the opposite sex? My friend thinks differently on this matter as he has had lots of experience in this department. He used to do everything with his lady friend of many years, long talks on the phone trying to make her feel better because her douche bag boyfriend made her mad or upset or whatever it was that made her that way . He was always there by her side with a shoulder to cry on, yet he was only hurting inside because this emotional bond was becoming greater. She on the other hand had no idea of his feelings because he thought why ruin a good thing, a great friendship. It’s always easier to have a friend of the same-sex, but more pleasant to friends with one of the opposite sex. Little did she know she was ripping his heart out a little every day.

I said to my friend “well why didn’t you just tell her how you felt” he replied I did eventually but it did more harm than good. She was totally blindsided by the fact he was sexually attracted to her. Wouldn’t you think that at least being friends for a long time and knowing each other so well would eventually turn into a non-platonic relationship? It makes sense to me because you see everyday elderly couples who’ve been married for 30-40 years and you ask them how did you guys stay together for so long? Of course they say we were and always will be best friends; we started out as friends and blossomed into the wonderful relationship. Isn’t that proof enough that having a platonic friendship, getting closer emotionally and physically is worth waiting for?

I think not my friend said, men and women interpret things differently. When men look for someone to be friends with, we look for someone to go to the gym with and lift weights or watch TV and sports, you get the picture right? We don’t talk about our emotions or ask for advice we are men and that’s just the way we are he said. Which may be what’s wrong with us?

On the other hand, many men mistakenly befriend the women that they are secretly in love with only to get hurt emotionally. Since sharing emotions with someone is not something that comes naturally for us, when we do share our emotions it takes an enormous amount of energy. Sharing our feelings leaves us feeling vulnerable, so we save this sacred gift for the woman we want deeply. Women often mistake this emotional exchange as an act of friendship, because that is what comes naturally for them. Men and woman just think differently and interpret everyday occurrences differently. That seems to be a problem, which could lead to more problems.

Everyone one is familiar with how woman get hurt in relationships, cheaters, domestic abuse, etc and that they share something with their partner (sex). Men get hurt too by sharing what is sacred to us our emotional energy. People should be aware of this! Understanding the fundamental differences between men and women can go a long way to promote communication between us. Men and women think in completely different paradigms.

Men and women should know this information instead of assuming we all think alike. For example, guys sleeping around not knowing they are scarring women and woman who go around befriending men to make up for her boyfriends emotional void. She would save her sexual activity for her boyfriend and look for guy friends to express her emotions to. While this is acceptable in society, men and women don’t realize what they are doing to each other.

Anyways, that’s all he really had to say about friendships between men and women. He didn’t say to not try it but be careful because you never know what may happen…. You might end up hurting yourself worse emotionally in the end. He also said woman tend to thrive on knowing they are adored by someone and tend to use a man’s emotion against him, whether it may be a ride or borrowing money, heck the list goes on.

I personally have seen the effects of this type of relationship between a man and a woman. Trying to be the good guy, which comes natural yet they always fall for the jerks no matter how you treat them and even if you have expressed your undying love to them. It just doesn’t seem to matter much. I guess it’s true that the good guys always finish last…. Fuck you morals, damn you all to heck!!

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