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Tragedy is an Unattractive Word

Posted: April 21, 2013 by luzob in Random
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Look at how gross this word looks, even without its connotations? Just say it out loud over and over, and like any word it will lose its meaning. Yet this word, to me, still looks ugly. Therefore I deem this word unattractive.

I very unfortunately lost my mother last night, and I suppose this is my way of dealing with it currently…
This is also the way that I am telling my readers, all of you, that I will most likely not be posting for a long while.
I’ve lost the written voice due to this hardship and I have no idea when it may come back to me. I am confident that despite this I can rely upon my co-authors – the brothers and sisters I can always count upon – to keep posting on my behalf and for the sake of keeping this blog current and interesting for you all.
I think I’ll end this with an entry from of their entry for tragedy, because I will damn well be sick of hearing that word over and over in the next coming weeks.

Thanks for letting me talk, I love you all.
I’ll miss you mom…LuzOb

Main Entry:
tragedy  [traj-i-dee] Show IPA
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: disaster
Synonyms: adversity, affliction, bad fortune, bad luck, blight, blow, calamity, cataclysm, catastrophe, contretemps, curse, curtains, dole, dolor, doom, downer, failure, hard knocks, hardship, humiliation, lot, misadventure, mischance, misfortune, mishap, reverse, shock, struggle, the worst, unluckiness, waterloo, woe, wreck
Antonyms: advantage, blessing, boon, success, victory

Great Scott!

Posted: January 24, 2013 by fischfail in Anger, Death, Drugs, Family, Life, Personal, Updates, WTF
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Survival Sickness

Survival Sickness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I finally have it, the proof that I am in fact dying.

Now, we all now this is 100% accurate, since it is from the Internet. You can send you wishes and funeral donations to any of the places listed on my bio page.

Although, in case you are so stricken with grief regarding my imminent demise, I’ve taken a moment from my rapidly shortening life span to post them for you once again. I am such a nice guy.

Paypal (preferred method, help out my friends and family pay for my dead ass)

And maybe you can figure out all the following on your own, good luck. It has been fun.

AIM — fischfail

Yahoo — fischfail

Hotmail / MSN —

Facebook —

Phone (text or call) — 734-252-6387

Twitter — fischfail

StumbleUpon — fisch-fail

Skype — fischfail

Thank you.

proof of death

This’ll be a quick one today, I’m running a little late.

Three important things today…

Our fellow author Drez lost a furry quadrupedal friend today, so be nice to him. I never met the creature but I know it shall be missed.

On a more controversial note… Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot…

Lastly today is the day…

the day for Halo…

I am so insanely busy with school… but I need some alien-shootery in my life.

That’s it for right now, boys and girls…

Light your candles, and Server will protect us all.


My vision is hazy and my heart is heavy, for I will not make it home.

The air is cold as I stumble towards the stream and my sword feels cumbersome. The wound in my side flows like the water over the rocks, and it is deep.

The wound in my back is deeper still.

The ground is hard as i fall to my knees next to the riverbed and i weep; not for my own death, but the death of my homeland. The warriors who come under the banner of the Christ god will not stop until our ways are forgotten and our gods left behind. I take solace in the fact that while i am dying, they are dead. I suddenly feel as though i could do with some rest and I let myself fall into the stream and shut my eyes as the cold water laps my cheek.

And as I fall into darkness, A light burns against my eyes and so I open them once more.

My vision is clear and my heart is warm

For I am home.

The air is perfect and my sword is more a part of me than my own beating heart. Where once fatal wounds had been, only scars remain.

The ground is soft as I stand on my feet again and I weep; not out of sadness, but joy. The warriors who came under the banner of the Christ god will never see what I see, never feel what I feel in this moment, and I turn to embrace the sight of that glorious mead hall. I take solace in the fact that, while my brothers and sisters are dead and dying, I will see them again in that hall. I walk towards the steps as the doors open, and a one-eyed man motions me to a seat at his table and says

Welcome Home

May the gods watch over you

Måtte Æser ser deg

Grimnir Odinsson

RIP Eduard Khill

Posted: June 6, 2012 by luzob in Random
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So it’s been almost two entire weeks since a post from anybody here, so you’re most likely wondering if we’re dead…

Don’t adjust your sets, because we’ve already been dead for years.

Even before it’s conception nearly two years ago, we were a blog murdered by the conventions of what a “real” blog should look like, be about, and contain within.

I, LuzObscuridad, will officially tell all of our faithful (yet dwindling) readers that we are not only dead, but UNdead…

That’s right kiddies, we’re a Zomblog…

What the fuck if a Zomblog, you ask? Well shut the hell up and I’ll tell you!

A Zomblog is less of a format and more of a concept; it’s what we’ve always known FFI to be, but never had a name for it.

Just like dead people, there is absolutely no expectations for our blog. Yet just like a zombie outbreak, we will continue to spread and grow in numbers, without heed toward tends, niches, or popularity. If you read our blog, you’ve already been infected – bitten in the carotid and now able to infect others. If you even offhandedly mention our little blog to a friend, family member, or (Gods forbid) member of the clergy, etc., you will get your first taste of human flesh, and spread our contagion through the masses! We’re a blog, a plague, an epidemic!

…and the most beautiful part? It’s all your fault…

There is no cure…

There is no preemptive vaccine…

You’re already dead…

Just like us at Fisch Fail, Inc.

Lastly, you also get a random-ass pic for all your disgustingly cannibalistic work…

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Hey guys, it’s me, fischfail. I bet you never thought I would return, didn’t you. Don’t fear though, it takes a lot to keep me down and out,

A child sad that his hot dog fell to the groun...

A child sad that his hot dog fell to the ground. Photographer’s blog post related to this photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

although it has been getting easier to do so.

You will have to forgive me for not posting recently, between the veritable laundry list of illnesses, stress due to school and work, and a sudden onset of depression, I haven’t had much will to do very much. And while I will spare you all from most of that, I will share the following with you.

Today, I woke up with severe neck pain that prevents me from turning my head without excruciating pain shooting throughout my body, which is also causing my back to tighten back up, and not to even mention my teeth…

gross teeth

Obviously, not my real mouth.

But enough of the sad stuff surrounding my life.

Although the story behind this post is a little saddening as well, but for other reasons… I’ve been gone for a while; this is a clearly known fact (my last real post being made March 29, 2012). But I had a plan, a glorious and triumphant return: a plan that would make Fisch Fail, INC amazing, once more.

Sadly though, that plan was dashed away by the sudden and somewhat concerning disappearance of someone who has had very little mention here: StarStorm.

It would have been a post surrounding one of the two things authors of Fisch Fail, INC can actually admit to enjoying: video games and attractive women. This particular story would have focused on gaming and one very amazing online interaction that I personally encountered.

However, since that is likely to have gone out the door I am here to make this post, which will actually be combining a couple of posts that I had planned on making.

But now that I am done with the second sad bit of this post, it is time to move on to fun! Most of the following does not need further explanation… Or maybe they do, I am not really sure.

I forgot to do homework, because I am a huge slacker.

How did they know?

I thought you was corn.

…I don’t even know…

A muppet hanging out a window

Uhhhhhh, what is his name?

Actually, I saw this while driving to school. Unfortunately that was the only picture that ErinLovesTheWeb was able to snap off before the vehicle disappeared into a nearby suburb. Either way, let us continue.

Pants onfire

That is kinda how Fisch Fail, INC. is.

Computer gamer getting very angry

Admit, you’ve been there…

Who hasn’t wanted to beat the fuck out of the annoying kid next to them at the LAN party?

Robin WIlliams

So would I… I think

A guy "magically" catching a hat

I wonder how many takes that took?

Dubstep, kinda like that

Yup, exactly as I pictured it.

An impressive break dancer

This still manages to creep me out… Please make it stop.

Violent force of show

Get the fuck out of my way.

It's the Fett, I promise

This picture is not only awesome, but will piss Drezirale off.

And now for Fisch Fail, INC’s first ever post including actual nudity…

But wait, there’s more… That is NSFW

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I had this Crazy Dream the other night!

I never remember my dreams but I know I do dream so on occasion I will have a dream so vivid that I remember it. Since I did this time I think I will share it with you all…..

So the other night after a long days work and running errands and what have you, I passed out in my recliner, fear filled and in a state of shock when I awoken!

Some of you may remember the RPG Final Fantasy 7 (totally awesome game) and Ultima Weapon!

This guy was an optional boss in the game to receive the Ultimate weapon for Cloud.  I am sure you all remember Cloud right?

Well I started dreaming that the world was in Chaos due to a massive flying machine, I was like WTH! This cannot be real! It was all over the news and I was thinking did SkyNet take over or something but it was even crazier. That machine flying in the air, destroying everything in its path was Ultima Weapon! I freaked out but I knew that as long as you were not in its line of sight you had nothing to worry about.

I know I know it’s just a dream though and it gets weirder!

This massive weapon was flying around the neighborhood and I was like Barret (seen below)

from Final Fantasy and had this huge ass gun that is supposed to take down this weapon! Haha So I stood outside with this crazy real life weapon that would only be found in the game because the gun was bigger than I was, yet I had the strength to wield it for a tough battle ahead.

That my friends would prove to be futile!

Ultima Weapon spotted me outside on the back porch and swooped down from the sky for a fierce battle. I started unloading these ear pounding bullets into Ultima Weapon but did nothing and just as I started to realize I am fucked and out of Potions.

Ultima Weapon snatched the weapon from my hands and broke it in half as I fled for the door to run in the house. That would prove to be futile as well for my Mother and Sister were in there.

Let me tell ya, at this point my heart is beating a hundred miles an hour. I am so freaking scared and have not realized it was not real and wake up.

So I ran past my mother into the room where my sister was and I just sat there. I heard Ultima weapon using some type of mysterious force destroying everything in its path and then I heard my mother screaming. Then silence as I sat scared as shit with my eyes closed, my sister was doing the same thing on the other side of the room. My dumb ass didn’t hide but sat on the bed in front of the door while it was open.

Shaking and scared I peered open my eyes and then Ultima flashed past the room and I was like OMG! Next thing you know it he was in the room and came right at me and in a split second it was over! I was dead and sat there in my dream in total darkness, silent, no movement, heart pounding and I woke up! I had chills down my spine as I sat there a few moments and came to realize it was all just a dream!

That was a messed up dream people. I couldn’t go back to sleep for a while after that.

Although it was a crazy dream it makes me want to whip out the PS2 and start another game of FFVII

Until next time people, keep reading our blog! We have a lot more in store for you!

It’s been a good run so far with FFI, and although we have a few slow-downs recently, we’re still growing every day.

Rainy Lake - August 2011-13

Rainy Lake - August 2011-13 (Photo credit: fabfotophotography)

If you are a reader of one little blog, casual or otherwise, you most likely won’t understand the title of this entry, and that’s a-ok. If you’re an author, most likely you won’t either, but you should and shame on you.

This date, August 13 2011, was when over one-thousand collective brains got to see the beauty that is Fisch Fail Inc. It was also the day that I noticed our blog was becoming something of a big deal. Honestly until that point I mostly blogged for no one, except for maybe myself and Mr. Fail, but afterward I began doing it for a lil ones… I mean the readers.

Seriously though; you guys have gotten us to new heights, and for that I am thankful.

A lot of crap has gone down recently (more on that later) so the blog has gotten somewhat neglected as of late, but hopefully that will change and more posts will be on their way.

Here’s to getting 1000000 views before the end of the year!

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Fisch Fail, INC, is still a baby, still growing, still something…infant

If we were a human baby, we would be learning to speak, and maybe eat something that didn’t have the consistency of baby food. But fuck, we’ve already moved on to tacos and alcohol… Says something about us!

Anyway, yesterday we hit a random milestone… 20,000 views (and damnit, I was going to make sure I got to make this announcement!).

So, it took us nearly a year and a half to get our first 10,000… It took us 6 months, to get our second.

Lets try and beat that record (for us) even quicker.

Tell everyone about FFI, let’s do it!




Dogs of War…

Posted: February 13, 2012 by fischfail in Death, Life
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14 years ago, my little sister was involved in a vicious dog attack that left her permanently scarred for the rest of her life. For the next four years, she could not go anywhere near any thing that had anything resembling teeth. Even pictures of animals with the teeth barred scared her.

4 years later, she was finally able to own a new animal. I was a Pokémon tournament, my parents and sister went to the humane society, and she picked out, what was probably the dumbest dog of the bunch…

A beagle / dachshund breed of moron. This little asshole was named Jake, and he had a red bandana. My sister loved him like no other. However the name Jake would never would for her first dog, let me introduce: Pooch.

When we first got this little shit monster, he was absolutely in a shitty predicament. A dog that could not be anywhere near a lit cigarette or a rolled up newspaper. In fact, if either occurred, pooch would disappear under a bed for multiple hours, not to be seen again until all threats were removed.

Fast forward 10 years, and he is starting to have major health problems: a bad hip, cracked paws, bleeding pustules. a giant growth on his chest, bladder issues, etc. However, all through this he didn’t show signs of suffering. He was still in a good place.

But then, things changed. 20 minutes ago, I received a call from my parents, Pooch has to be put down. The growth on his chest (which has grown at an almost exponential rate), has started bleeding.

I unfortunately, am the one who has to take him in.

In about 15 hours, I will leave Pooch behind forever.

You’ve had a good life, bud. But, now it is time to rest easy.


Not For the Weak of Constitution (or Wisdom)

Posted: December 31, 2011 by luzob in Random
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I hope you can feel my wrath eventually…

It should be sunny that day, so you can have the hope of a decent morning before you lament my arrival.

This could be at any moment…

I wonder often how you will be destroyed.

A deluge of your own entrails upon the sidewalk in front of you…

…glistening in the noon-day sun.

Man that would be great… to be holding the crowbar that happened to become the last thing to pass through your mind…

…through your fucking skull…

I’m pretty sure I could end you with the swing of a bat.

Brass knuckles would leave…

…quite the impression upon you.

Fuck with me some more, motherfucker, and see how long you survive.


Gods I need to stop playing zombie games.

Sail Away, My Little Sister 2

Posted: December 5, 2011 by luzob in Random
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So I decided, with ideas running dangerously low, to make a post upon a random pic from my collection of… uh… random pics… and all was well, until I found this…

I remember in the previous post “Sail Away, My Little Sister, Sail Away… To the Other Side” I said that I didn’t have any photos of Lily…

…well I did… but (I think) only this one.

Jeez I really miss her… feels bad, man.

With Our Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Posted: December 2, 2011 by luzob in Random
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Short post today, and something I found interesting.

Wipe the Dust Away.

Posted: October 20, 2011 by luzob in Random
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So apparently everyone at FFI are entering hibernation…

…which means that I can’t be the weakest link at the moment.

…which means I have to keep writing, despite how shitty I feel.


Ever have a random encounter with an old high-school aquaintance, and out of nowhere a whirlwind of catch-up unsues? Yeah I had that happen today after I got some homework completed.

I use the word “aquaintance” rather liberally here, since her and I were not anywhere near friends, and only spoke on the rarest of occasions. I was the “Godless Fat White Dude that Wore Only Black” and she was the “Big Bible-Thumping Girl” so our paths never intersected socially. Recently she noticed me around the college and we never really said much besides the occasional “hello-what’s-

The hero of the story takes on two rats as a p...

Why'd I post this? I don't know! Image via Wikipedia


up-okay-goodbye” and off we went.

Today apparently I was deemed chatty (despite how sick and shitty I really felt) so she struck up a conversation. I was about to grab a bite to eat and she mentioned that she was gonna get food… until she saw her bank balance. I knew she had a long drive and (obviously) was broke as all hell, so I pulled a couple of bucks to give to her. Call me gullible, call me stupid, but I remember the (too recent) days of having to ask co-workers and friends for money so I could eat and wouldn’t let her have to deal with the same bs. My oh my was she happy as could be, making a big deal out of something (I thought as) unimportant. I sat and ate while she continued to talk about old classmates, and this is where the main focus of this post begins.

Her, I, and a fraction of the FischFail crew all grew up in the same city. While remaining unnamed, this town has been on the brink of self-destruction for quite awhile; long before we were even born. Crimes of the violent sort, drugs, gangs, etc. can all be found here. Until I started hanging around other cities I never noticed how bad it’s gotten. I never even noticed how badly drugs had permeated our own cohort (or age-group, for those not into Lifespan Psychology).

So back to the conversation, she rambled off at least four individuals who gave their life away for an addiction. I will admit here and now – I am terrified of drugs as a whole. I mean fuck, I think I may be the only person from this town that’s yet to hit a joint (that is what we call sm0king marijuana… for those white-folk reading onward [jkjk]) so things like coke, acid, shrooms, etc are mostly alien to me on a first-person basis. Not from a lack of exposure, I tell you… but anyway…

I knew a small handful of old classmates that OD’d on one substance or another, so with a combined list of around 9 or 10 this is an obvious issue for our class, and for our town. Our blog is usually not the PSA-type, nor am I, but I will borrow a quote from Sean Kennedy (once again):

Know Your Dose (from the Wog Manual).

I mean seriously people… everything in moderation… positive and negative. It’s what make-a the world go ’round…

I mean take our own blog: if we were to only write articles about poop contantly, would it be interesting to read anymore? I mean, if you think about it, even the word itself would lose all status if overused…

Poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop… say it aloud. Useless, right? Unless you’re in the middle of a busy subway station or in class or something… THAT would be funny… ANYway…

We love our readers, and we love those close to us, so something that would take you away from us would kinda blow…

I’m not being all Third Reich about shit – toke it up every so often, rock that beer, take that shot – but keep in mind that those activities are extra special BECAUSE they’re not an every day occurance.

Common sense is slowly become a misnomer… Your fucking brain can’t make useful decisions if it’s clouded 24/7, and you certainly can’t read FFI if the letters are trying to attack you, so lay off the hallucinogens sometimes as well.

Which finally reminds me that we’ve not had a LAB-day in quite some time, so show us some interest in a Hallow’s Eve FischFail Party and it’ll become a reality.