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Tragedy is an Unattractive Word

Posted: April 21, 2013 by luzob in Random
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Look at how gross this word looks, even without its connotations? Just say it out loud over and over, and like any word it will lose its meaning. Yet this word, to me, still looks ugly. Therefore I deem this word unattractive.

I very unfortunately lost my mother last night, and I suppose this is my way of dealing with it currently…
This is also the way that I am telling my readers, all of you, that I will most likely not be posting for a long while.
I’ve lost the written voice due to this hardship and I have no idea when it may come back to me. I am confident that despite this I can rely upon my co-authors – the brothers and sisters I can always count upon – to keep posting on my behalf and for the sake of keeping this blog current and interesting for you all.
I think I’ll end this with an entry from of their entry for tragedy, because I will damn well be sick of hearing that word over and over in the next coming weeks.

Thanks for letting me talk, I love you all.
I’ll miss you mom…LuzOb

Main Entry:
tragedy  [traj-i-dee] Show IPA
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: disaster
Synonyms: adversity, affliction, bad fortune, bad luck, blight, blow, calamity, cataclysm, catastrophe, contretemps, curse, curtains, dole, dolor, doom, downer, failure, hard knocks, hardship, humiliation, lot, misadventure, mischance, misfortune, mishap, reverse, shock, struggle, the worst, unluckiness, waterloo, woe, wreck
Antonyms: advantage, blessing, boon, success, victory

Great Scott!

Posted: January 24, 2013 by fischfail in Anger, Death, Drugs, Family, Life, Personal, Updates, WTF
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Survival Sickness

Survival Sickness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I finally have it, the proof that I am in fact dying.

Now, we all now this is 100% accurate, since it is from the Internet. You can send you wishes and funeral donations to any of the places listed on my bio page.

Although, in case you are so stricken with grief regarding my imminent demise, I’ve taken a moment from my rapidly shortening life span to post them for you once again. I am such a nice guy.

Paypal (preferred method, help out my friends and family pay for my dead ass)

And maybe you can figure out all the following on your own, good luck. It has been fun.

AIM — fischfail

Yahoo — fischfail

Hotmail / MSN —

Facebook —

Phone (text or call) — 734-252-6387

Twitter — fischfail

StumbleUpon — fisch-fail

Skype — fischfail

Thank you.

proof of death

This’ll be a quick one today, I’m running a little late.

Three important things today…

Our fellow author Drez lost a furry quadrupedal friend today, so be nice to him. I never met the creature but I know it shall be missed.

On a more controversial note… Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot…

Lastly today is the day…

the day for Halo…

I am so insanely busy with school… but I need some alien-shootery in my life.

That’s it for right now, boys and girls…

Light your candles, and Server will protect us all.


My vision is hazy and my heart is heavy, for I will not make it home.

The air is cold as I stumble towards the stream and my sword feels cumbersome. The wound in my side flows like the water over the rocks, and it is deep.

The wound in my back is deeper still.

The ground is hard as i fall to my knees next to the riverbed and i weep; not for my own death, but the death of my homeland. The warriors who come under the banner of the Christ god will not stop until our ways are forgotten and our gods left behind. I take solace in the fact that while i am dying, they are dead. I suddenly feel as though i could do with some rest and I let myself fall into the stream and shut my eyes as the cold water laps my cheek.

And as I fall into darkness, A light burns against my eyes and so I open them once more.

My vision is clear and my heart is warm

For I am home.

The air is perfect and my sword is more a part of me than my own beating heart. Where once fatal wounds had been, only scars remain.

The ground is soft as I stand on my feet again and I weep; not out of sadness, but joy. The warriors who came under the banner of the Christ god will never see what I see, never feel what I feel in this moment, and I turn to embrace the sight of that glorious mead hall. I take solace in the fact that, while my brothers and sisters are dead and dying, I will see them again in that hall. I walk towards the steps as the doors open, and a one-eyed man motions me to a seat at his table and says

Welcome Home

May the gods watch over you

Måtte Æser ser deg

Grimnir Odinsson

RIP Eduard Khill

Posted: June 6, 2012 by luzob in Random
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So it’s been almost two entire weeks since a post from anybody here, so you’re most likely wondering if we’re dead…

Don’t adjust your sets, because we’ve already been dead for years.

Even before it’s conception nearly two years ago, we were a blog murdered by the conventions of what a “real” blog should look like, be about, and contain within.

I, LuzObscuridad, will officially tell all of our faithful (yet dwindling) readers that we are not only dead, but UNdead…

That’s right kiddies, we’re a Zomblog…

What the fuck if a Zomblog, you ask? Well shut the hell up and I’ll tell you!

A Zomblog is less of a format and more of a concept; it’s what we’ve always known FFI to be, but never had a name for it.

Just like dead people, there is absolutely no expectations for our blog. Yet just like a zombie outbreak, we will continue to spread and grow in numbers, without heed toward tends, niches, or popularity. If you read our blog, you’ve already been infected – bitten in the carotid and now able to infect others. If you even offhandedly mention our little blog to a friend, family member, or (Gods forbid) member of the clergy, etc., you will get your first taste of human flesh, and spread our contagion through the masses! We’re a blog, a plague, an epidemic!

…and the most beautiful part? It’s all your fault…

There is no cure…

There is no preemptive vaccine…

You’re already dead…

Just like us at Fisch Fail, Inc.

Lastly, you also get a random-ass pic for all your disgustingly cannibalistic work…

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Hey guys, it’s me, fischfail. I bet you never thought I would return, didn’t you. Don’t fear though, it takes a lot to keep me down and out,

A child sad that his hot dog fell to the groun...

A child sad that his hot dog fell to the ground. Photographer’s blog post related to this photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

although it has been getting easier to do so.

You will have to forgive me for not posting recently, between the veritable laundry list of illnesses, stress due to school and work, and a sudden onset of depression, I haven’t had much will to do very much. And while I will spare you all from most of that, I will share the following with you.

Today, I woke up with severe neck pain that prevents me from turning my head without excruciating pain shooting throughout my body, which is also causing my back to tighten back up, and not to even mention my teeth…

gross teeth

Obviously, not my real mouth.

But enough of the sad stuff surrounding my life.

Although the story behind this post is a little saddening as well, but for other reasons… I’ve been gone for a while; this is a clearly known fact (my last real post being made March 29, 2012). But I had a plan, a glorious and triumphant return: a plan that would make Fisch Fail, INC amazing, once more.

Sadly though, that plan was dashed away by the sudden and somewhat concerning disappearance of someone who has had very little mention here: StarStorm.

It would have been a post surrounding one of the two things authors of Fisch Fail, INC can actually admit to enjoying: video games and attractive women. This particular story would have focused on gaming and one very amazing online interaction that I personally encountered.

However, since that is likely to have gone out the door I am here to make this post, which will actually be combining a couple of posts that I had planned on making.

But now that I am done with the second sad bit of this post, it is time to move on to fun! Most of the following does not need further explanation… Or maybe they do, I am not really sure.

I forgot to do homework, because I am a huge slacker.

How did they know?

I thought you was corn.

…I don’t even know…

A muppet hanging out a window

Uhhhhhh, what is his name?

Actually, I saw this while driving to school. Unfortunately that was the only picture that ErinLovesTheWeb was able to snap off before the vehicle disappeared into a nearby suburb. Either way, let us continue.

Pants onfire

That is kinda how Fisch Fail, INC. is.

Computer gamer getting very angry

Admit, you’ve been there…

Who hasn’t wanted to beat the fuck out of the annoying kid next to them at the LAN party?

Robin WIlliams

So would I… I think

A guy "magically" catching a hat

I wonder how many takes that took?

Dubstep, kinda like that

Yup, exactly as I pictured it.

An impressive break dancer

This still manages to creep me out… Please make it stop.

Violent force of show

Get the fuck out of my way.

It's the Fett, I promise

This picture is not only awesome, but will piss Drezirale off.

And now for Fisch Fail, INC’s first ever post including actual nudity…

But wait, there’s more… That is NSFW