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A quote from our main author and contributor from two years (and one day) prior:

“I find it interesting though, that normally, this time of year brings about a large amount of depression and anxiety, and this year was no different. I really have no reason to hate my birthday, or anything like that. This time of year just brings me into a depressive funk that I have never been able to explain.”

Remind me to quote things properly… eventually…

Ever since Mr. Fail posted this I have taken it upon myself to inform the world of his badassery upon the highest rooftop of our blog. I thought about speaking upon the lofty achievements of his life, and referencing the posts past with witty humor and banter that only my sleep-deprived mine could think of.

This time I want something different…

This year it is your collective turns…

I will be collecting bits and quotes of people that happen to personally know Mr. Fail and throwing them into something… I dunno what though… and making that motherfucker count.

So replyreplyreplyreplyreply! and comment on this post things that you want to say about our glorious lead author. I have a gift proper in the works but it’ll have to wait for a couple paydays (and not the candybars, Mr. Fail cannot eat them, dumbasses).

Be it heartfelt, troll-ish or downright disturbing I want to hear from everyone! That means you too lazy other authors…

and that’s really it! fucken easy, right? then DO it! and I will do it first…LuzOb

Alright I’ll level with you guys…

this’ll be a somewhat serious post…

Indirectly I’ve been on the blog lately; looking at posts and reminiscing about where we’ve come, and where I am know.

Coming this Autumn I may possibly be only a shadow to this blog, as I will be taking classes full time and also be starting my social work internship. I wanted to throw a lot out there today considering that fact that I’ve been absent for so long but I’m exhausted.

Within the next couple weeks I will be conducting and moderating a very important meeting with (hopefully) all the authors of Fisch Fail Inc regarding where we will be going next as a whole. I believe our blog is at a very momentous crossroads and can just as easily fail as flourish. This is an amazing opportunity for us and I am only optimistic. That being said due to the consistent lack of posts from most authors it could still endanger us. Mr. Fail will always be chugging along, posting random picdumps and musings, but in order for this little blog to be something more we will require a concerted effort.


So another reason I’ve been lacking presence on the blog is because my good friend Bexhet (he’s been on here before) had come back from school to go back to school but closer this time (you’ve heard me). Over the years we’ve had a SHITton of inside jokes and general derpry, and I really believe we could use some of that comic energy here. I’m sure soon we will be bored of one another but until then hanging out with him has taken a good amount of my leisure time.

Other things taking my time:

Weakening Elms; on a personal note we’ve been doing swimmingly as of late and we are a better couple for it.

School; just like always, but since this is a pain-in-ass Research class I’m sure you college-goers understand. I am fuck I’m gonna grad in less than a year!

Fancy new prototype story; unfortunately I’m not saying BALLS about this except that it is a group effort with some non-FFI writers. This could possibly be an actual good idea (unlike Profanely Powered).

Work; I’ve started taking more responsibility at work and may actually get some form of supervisory position if I play my cards wrong and/or right.

NEXT. SUBJECT@!#@!#$!%$

So as of literally a couple hours ago I believe I’ve finally found (with the help of our own beloved Grimnir) a Norse Pagan group that appears to be somewhat local and could be very promising. I find myself honestheartedly a little nervous, as our group has always just been us, but with this possible expansion comes a new path in the connection with the Gods. I’ll keep everyone posted as to how this goes.

It is somewhat difficult to fully express my devotion to those around me. I’d love to be the guy that saunters around declaring that I don’t care about what people think… but I really do. I dislike mentioning this again but ever since my mother passed I’ve felt this spiritual vacuum within my being. While the Gods speak I’ve giving little into actually listening as of late. This has been affecting my life in many ways. My work and school have been suffering, my friendships have been straining and my own home is in disrepair to the point that I’ve taken to spending a little time as possible there. There feels to be a part of me that is proverbially absent now, and I’ve no idea how to find its return.

I am not asking for simple platitudes or even helpful advice. This is simply a post dedicated to bringing my experiences to our wonderful readers – allowing a small glimpse into our lives in a way that is only here at FFI. I hope to grow with the blog and find some good to come from the transformation. I’ll assure you all that the next post will have less gravity (maybe it will be about space!) than this one. Let’s all have some fun guys.


Hey! Cheer up it ain’t that bad is what everyone says, PFFT! Whatever! I can’t rant about this is all day if I want don’t make me LOL!

Just kidding!

I thought I would share this picture I stumble across a about a week ago and it seems like it make me feel a bit better… Nothing wrong with that right! Inspiration is good, am I wrong?

SO Anyway, This is what I was referring to earlier that I stumbled upon a week ago. I felt the words as I read then, they  are powerful and it just gets to me sometimes because of the way I act occasionally. You all know you can not say you don’t feel the same way too sometimes, or occasionally. All it ever seems to me is that we get sad or upset because of the things we do not have instead of opening your eyes and looking at what you have right in front of you!

Nonetheless enjoy!

Uplifting I think

I borrowed this picture from a website, here is the link to it

Sail Away, My Little Sister 2

Posted: December 5, 2011 by luzob in Random
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So I decided, with ideas running dangerously low, to make a post upon a random pic from my collection of… uh… random pics… and all was well, until I found this…

I remember in the previous post “Sail Away, My Little Sister, Sail Away… To the Other Side” I said that I didn’t have any photos of Lily…

…well I did… but (I think) only this one.

Jeez I really miss her… feels bad, man.

T-Minus 5 Hours and Counting.

Posted: August 16, 2011 by fischfail in Updates
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So, in about 5 hours or so (my time), it will officially be August 17th, which means it will be my birthday. And that means you shouldn’t expect any post from me (tomorrow).

Anyways, today my family came and visited me, enjoying a nice birthday meal with ErinLovesTheWeb and me. It was good. They are gone now, traveling back to their home, and enjoying a nice tour through the country side. Or something like that.

I find it interesting though, that normally, this time of year brings about a large amount of depression and anxiety, and this year was no different. I really have no reason to hate my birthday, or anything like that. This time of year just brings me into a depressive funk that I have never been able to explain.

But, strangely enough, I feel better about the whole situation this year.

Either way, that is all for me, for now.

And, as always, make sure you guys submit this to stumble or anything else. Help us achieve our new set of goals.

We Are Gathered Here…

Posted: August 2, 2011 by luzob in Random
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Image by bugmonkey via Flickr

So I’m officially back, and happy to be as well.

Now for some seriousness…

RIP to every blog that will never be posted upon ever again…

I was recently stumbling and came across a Steampunk-esque blog that was wordpress-based created by a historian with Harvard cred. It was a cute blurb about linguistics and was entertaining, so I th0ught I may as well look to his main page.

…He gave up upon the blog on December of 2010…

It was so very unfortunate that the blog died before I could even begin to enjoy it’s content. I “liked” it, but did not real further than the Stumbled entry and the final one, due to the fact that it would be like reading about a wonderful person, getting into their imaginative work, wanting to read more of said work, but realizing their final work was their own epitaph.

Dear bloggers of the universe: someone out there loves your writing, no matter whom. Never give up until you cannot type another meaningful passage, because your biggest fan may not even know you have yet to exist.

Finally, I will not post a link to the dead blog, due to the fact that I do not wish the same disappointment upon anyone else.


So, I again want to apologise for a lack of posts once again.

But the last few weeks have been incredibly rough for me.  I’ve had way too much on my mind that was causing a heavy burden on my heart.  I haven’t been able to sleep. I haven’t been able to eat (very well), for multiple reasons.  In short, I’ve been just this side of a train wreck.  I’ve been a monster to be around.  But the monsters inside my head were even scarier.  It is something I could just not cope with, so I ignored it.

I cannot remember if I had mentioned that I am unemployed, which has added to my depression, but I think I am getting better.  And this will hopefully be a bit of something like closure for me.  Or something.

Lately though, I’ve had trouble thinking clearly.  Hell, more so, I’ve had trouble thinking at all and have been trying to fill my time with mindless activities, while mentally berating myself.

I lost another portion of tooth.

I almost gave up the will to live.  I don’t mean that I considered suicide, but I somehow managed to loose the entire spark that made me.  This is it for now.

I promise you there will be a real post tonight.


On a slightly unrelated note, Luz, started a post 10 days ago, he should do something with it.