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FFI is Getting Srs

Posted: April 2, 2013 by luzob in Random
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or… Luz’z Lovely Soapbox.

So this is my final year as an undergrad! YAY! I will be getting my degree by this time next year! MORE YAY! and I will be up to my Norse nipples in debt! YAY? So I basically have just one pic for you today, fellow FFI’ers… tl;dr it’s about American student debt and reason #2390548723 as to why I wish I was in Norway.

taken from

so there you go… I’ll be in Norway with my free education and Vikingness… you have fun with sad debt and not-Vikingness


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Hey guys, it’s me, fischfail. I bet you never thought I would return, didn’t you. Don’t fear though, it takes a lot to keep me down and out,

A child sad that his hot dog fell to the groun...

A child sad that his hot dog fell to the ground. Photographer’s blog post related to this photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

although it has been getting easier to do so.

You will have to forgive me for not posting recently, between the veritable laundry list of illnesses, stress due to school and work, and a sudden onset of depression, I haven’t had much will to do very much. And while I will spare you all from most of that, I will share the following with you.

Today, I woke up with severe neck pain that prevents me from turning my head without excruciating pain shooting throughout my body, which is also causing my back to tighten back up, and not to even mention my teeth…

gross teeth

Obviously, not my real mouth.

But enough of the sad stuff surrounding my life.

Although the story behind this post is a little saddening as well, but for other reasons… I’ve been gone for a while; this is a clearly known fact (my last real post being made March 29, 2012). But I had a plan, a glorious and triumphant return: a plan that would make Fisch Fail, INC amazing, once more.

Sadly though, that plan was dashed away by the sudden and somewhat concerning disappearance of someone who has had very little mention here: StarStorm.

It would have been a post surrounding one of the two things authors of Fisch Fail, INC can actually admit to enjoying: video games and attractive women. This particular story would have focused on gaming and one very amazing online interaction that I personally encountered.

However, since that is likely to have gone out the door I am here to make this post, which will actually be combining a couple of posts that I had planned on making.

But now that I am done with the second sad bit of this post, it is time to move on to fun! Most of the following does not need further explanation… Or maybe they do, I am not really sure.

I forgot to do homework, because I am a huge slacker.

How did they know?

I thought you was corn.

…I don’t even know…

A muppet hanging out a window

Uhhhhhh, what is his name?

Actually, I saw this while driving to school. Unfortunately that was the only picture that ErinLovesTheWeb was able to snap off before the vehicle disappeared into a nearby suburb. Either way, let us continue.

Pants onfire

That is kinda how Fisch Fail, INC. is.

Computer gamer getting very angry

Admit, you’ve been there…

Who hasn’t wanted to beat the fuck out of the annoying kid next to them at the LAN party?

Robin WIlliams

So would I… I think

A guy "magically" catching a hat

I wonder how many takes that took?

Dubstep, kinda like that

Yup, exactly as I pictured it.

An impressive break dancer

This still manages to creep me out… Please make it stop.

Violent force of show

Get the fuck out of my way.

It's the Fett, I promise

This picture is not only awesome, but will piss Drezirale off.

And now for Fisch Fail, INC’s first ever post including actual nudity…

But wait, there’s more… That is NSFW

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Gesture raised fist with middle finger lifted

This one goes out to you Bro! You know who you are!

You know what bothers me is people who think they are omniscient, which simply means a person who appears to know everything.

We all know someone like that, don’t kid yourself.

In actuality, this person is naïve, egotistical, or ignorant, which means if someone only ‘thinks’ that they know everything, but they truly do not.

Or maybe this person is trying to place himself upon a pedestal so he can feel better about his second-rate community college education ( not that community college is not good but is a good start ) and try to point out everyone else’s flaws. A simple grammar error on a social network is far from my concerns. Do I know proper grammar? Well yes I do! I work in a corporate environment and have to communicate verbally and non verbally, which would include emails. I have great structure when need be.

So get off your high horse and get on my level, Work full-time and school full-time and side work and tell me how well those grades or the GPA holds up after you break and crumble from the stress of deadlines and not losing your job.

Some people who I will not mention have exceptional skills and great grades and awesome GPA average but the question is: What else is going on in your life? Do you work or not? If not, then you have more time for study to get these exceptional grades. You also have no other responsibilities as of yet to go around bragging about how smart you are when your full of shit.

Just remember you will never be on my level……NEVER!

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So it’s almost fall now and its time to go back to school for all the kiddies, HA! including me. Can’t say im real excited about it but the classes don’t seem too bad. First class I signed up for seems to be a good course with a great Teacher, Mr. Authier. This teacher makes you work for your grade… I like it to be honest, makes me grasp the subject even more. Especially when you have a great documenter in the group *cough* (Mr. Fail).

The second class and the one I am most frightened of is Principles of Astronomy! EEK! It is an online class though, maybe even tough. I heard it all depends on the instructor that teaches the class.. I heard a lot of math is required to complete equations for calculating distance from stars and what have you. I just don’t know at the moment, kinda feel nervous. I have to get an A or it will break my 4.0 streak! Ahh oh well I’m not to concerned, this class is only six weeks long. I’m thinking this would be better than microbiology or anatomy of the human body…. ha ha Astronomy it is.

Anyways, I thought I would stop in and




P                a line for the readers out there! I have to get back to this Dumb idea HP came up with called netbooks. Such a crappy piece of equipment! Yes a netbook that wont boot ha ha how fun!

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Does it Even Matter Anymore?

Posted: September 1, 2011 by luzob in Random
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Diagram showing three main types of cloud comp...

Image via Wikipedia

Is it even worth posting these days?

Hah… fuck yeah it is.

So it’s a new month, the nights are getting chilly…

Oh wait…

It’s like ninety degrees right now.


So for some updates and shit…

I am officially taking a first-year-college computer course… I was all expecting “derp… this is how you start button… don’t right click it, or you’ll get herpes.”


Fucken systems informative database terragigas and shit…

IT dogshit tacos paving the way to cloud computing and Wii controllers…

seriously? I don’t need this shit… but since I’m here, I may as well get Mr. Fail to do all my homework for me ;).

I also have one of the ONLY math classes that uses a program that I can’t fake and is seventy fucking dollars…

But I do get to use the cheap calculator…

Fuck this shit I’m over it, it’s too hot to type…

Y’heard me…