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All you can EAT buffet!

Posted: December 20, 2011 by MoonPie in Random
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Chinese Sure Does Sound Good Right Now!

Although the best Chinese food to date…is…. Canton Inn In Melvindale, Mi


No joke!

I left and then came to finish this post, and guess what I got?

Yep! Sweet and sour chicken MMmmmmm

I could Not resist!

Well I am out… LaterzImage


Stay away from the Peanut Butter!!

Posted: December 14, 2011 by MoonPie in Random
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What a long semester, a long ten weeks, brutal I tell ya just brutal! I am officially done with school for 4 weeks…. Thank god!

How has all the Fisch Fail readers been… Oh wait I wont find out since nobody ever drops us a line on our blog to tell us how we are doing. That’s fine. Life goes on!

What ever happened to Mr. Fail? I have only seen Luzob, with great respect he is the only one trying to keep us going. Sorry LuZ been way to busy and far to long since my last post.

Now that I have more time on my hands, you all should see some interesting post from me, but i wont include any details of what I am writing in my next post… sorry hehe!

Until next time everyone, Peace and love!

P.S. Stay away from the peanut butter!

Too funny man!

Posted: September 28, 2011 by MoonPie in Uncategorized, Writing
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Who is a relaxed fellow comfortably snuggled in his recliner?

Me! Haha

All from my phone, while smoking a cigarette!

Just felt like stopping in and saying hello to the fans! Keep reading there’s always more to come

why does Mary Jane sooth the mind?

mix it with some cognac on ice and call it a very good night

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Yep, the baddest miner in the North... no West... er I'm not sure where he's from.

So I am not a video gamer girl in the way that most gamer girls claim they are. I will be the first to admit that when it comes to new video games, I SUCK. So much so that at times Fisch will log into his Live account and let me play Call of Duty. This has caused him hours of enjoyment as he hears such phrases coming from my mouth as, “Get back here and let me kill you!”, “Hold still so I can kill you!”, and my personal favorite, “Stupid dogs killed me again!”

However, my many deaths and few kills do not stop me from enjoying the gaming experience. There are victory dances every time I make a kill. (Which promptly gets me killed again due to my lack of attention to the screen.) And there is more shit talk than a freaking sewer.

Though I fail at video games, there are a few that I do enjoy; any old school Mario for example. But my absolute favorite game, if you can call it a game, is Miner Dig Deep.

Miner Dig Deep is everything I have wanted in a game. There is no way to lose. There is no way to die. And there’s no end to the game. I believe I am one of the six people out there that actually enjoys this game. But I tell you what, I’ve played the hell out of it. My most recent mining run has seen me finding the diamond and starting a new mine three times now. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means. It’s not important. It just means that I have no life really.

Awwww… now I’m sad.