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2012, in a nutshell

Posted: January 31, 2013 by fischfail in Art, awesome, Humor, internet, Pictures, Random, WTF
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I was on Reddit, and came across a picture that claimed to be the results of the Google search “2012, in a nutshell…” After a little research (i.e. going to and searching “2012 in a nutshell”) I found it to be true. And I must say, I am neither disappointed nor in disbelief.


I dedicate this post to 2012, you piece of shit. I hope I never see you again…


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Well its been awhile since I last posted anything on here…. My Apologies

On a positive note I am not attending college at this point, I was thinking about taking a few months off; I need a break!

With that being said I also started working out more often building up muscle and toning at the same time.

So a few buddies of mine all started doing this crazy workout and let me tell ya it is very brutal. 90 days of this

shit too ummm I am not to sure on it but I will be continuing this process.

Any ways I am on Vacation somewhere in Kansas!!

Drink it and smoke it!

That is all!

Oh wait I leave you with this video…… Play it when you work out hahaha!!

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Image by MikeBlogs via Flickr

Today is the day warriors of the internet. Today we fight back, we take control this is our stand and we will not back down.

For those of you who do not know, today marks the blackout day for the internet. a bunch of sites are going black including our very own FischFail Inc site. Many of the websites have already started, for us however we start in fifteen minutes.

SOPA, is a bill trying to get passed that will block websites that contain links to copyrighted material. EVEN IF YOU OWN IT!

PIPA gives your ISP and other copyright holders means to block certain websites. If your ISP has money with one search engine they may block Google for the hell of it. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!


See you in 12 hours!

So here is my first of many Security articles to come although these will not be super technical, I do hope
that the readers will have a better understanding of security on the internet.
Why am I writing these articles since there are so many of them out there now as
it is? Of course I am in college studying for my Bachelors in Information Technology and Security that’s why.

Now on to the good stuff!

Today I am going to talk a bit about Web Applications and how secure they are. What are Web Applications?
We use them every day but most users don’t realize it. Users would only consider these as just websites. The days of static websites are gone and in with the ever growing popular web apps are in.

Want examples of Web Applications:

The question is do you the user who uses these websites know if the information you input such as login,
passwords, registration info, credit card numbers and other private information is safe and secure?

These are just not websites but Web Applications that allow user input. How do these Web Apps protect out private
and sensitive information? I do my banking online all the time and rely on my banks web app to protect my info.


Most people look for SSL Technology, certificates and Versign logos on the web pages to ensure the
customer that their information is secure. In fact, it is while in transit. The
problem is once it reaches the servers how do we know as users that are information is being kept safe.  This may
leave you pondering now on just how safe is our information that is residing on
a server that may or may not become compromised by hackers due to vulnerabilities
in the web apps. It takes a lot of trust by us, users, to still buy online and pay your bills online.

There are many ways to bypass security on servers once your information has reached its destination. Some are
as easy as inputting a command in the web app. This is due to poorly developed web apps with security flaws in the code. Broken authentication, broken access controls, SQL injections, Cross-site scripting and information leakage are just
examples of vulnerabilities web developers manage to forget to protect our information against.

That’s it for now readers; I hope this was not too technical? I also hope you have gained a better understanding
of web application security. For more information on vulnerabilities just click the links I have provided in this article.


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Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

is at it again with these format changes….

The thing about it is there was never any notice of
the recent change at all. I am not the biggest Facebooger but I do follow a few
things on there that I enjoy. Now I have to do all this other stuff to navigate
around the page… It’s ridiculous if you ask me!

I’ve seen quite a few people upset over it on Facebook
and all of them wish it went back to the way it was… Remember MySpace and the
constant layout and format changes? I bet you do cause you probably stopped
using the social website along with many, many others including myself.

I’m all about being consistent with activities or
projects that I work on… why  Facebook cannot
become consistent for once and improve other safety features involved in using
Facebook (aka Privacy) is beyond me…

I may just go full forward with Google + and stick
with it cause Facebook is driving me nuts!

On a side note, I, Moonpie am not ignoring the fans
out there! I promise for more post from the one and only! I work anywhere from
8-14 hours a day most times including my side work, which is diagnosing and
repairing Computers… I am pretty backed up now as it is. I am also waiting on
parts to arrive and phone calls to be made to customers of mine. Plus, I’m just
phuckin tired when I finally wine down.

Anyways thanks for stopping in and reading our Blog
here at FischFailInc

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WOW 10,000 views!!!

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This is going to be a very short post….
We are reaching a milestone here at Fisch Fail INC!
10,000 views is what we are shooting for we are only down by a mere 46 views…

Help us achieve our goals!
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How the hell do you do that?

It is what most people would say if you asked them off the street randomly. That’s not a proven fact but it’s what I have heard when I asked the question to random people or even who I know personally.

Some have said “Well all you need is an anti-virus” Well durr!!!

FFS people then why do you still get viruses when you have an anti-virus program installed already?

Securing your computer takes a lot more than paying a yearly subscription to a vendor that is  supposed to be “protecting” you. When I say vendor I refer to MacAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, all of which are popular anti-virus software’s. Hell even the open-source (meaning free) software can protect you just as good.

The bottom line people:




your computer



starts with




I know I may get some slack for this but it’s true.

 If you educate your mind about the dangers of the net then you can protect your pc from viruses and malicious software by not visiting sites such as porn or well you know then kinds of web sites.

Not downloading from trusted sources is another huge headache which I’ve ran into a few times. It’s not hard being more conscientious of the dangers of the web.

The internet is full of interesting things and places you can see, you can even ask Google a question and it phuckin gives you an answer…..

It’s really not that difficult!