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This one goes out to you Bro! You know who you are!

You know what bothers me is people who think they are omniscient, which simply means a person who appears to know everything.

We all know someone like that, don’t kid yourself.

In actuality, this person is naïve, egotistical, or ignorant, which means if someone only ‘thinks’ that they know everything, but they truly do not.

Or maybe this person is trying to place himself upon a pedestal so he can feel better about his second-rate community college education ( not that community college is not good but is a good start ) and try to point out everyone else’s flaws. A simple grammar error on a social network is far from my concerns. Do I know proper grammar? Well yes I do! I work in a corporate environment and have to communicate verbally and non verbally, which would include emails. I have great structure when need be.

So get off your high horse and get on my level, Work full-time and school full-time and side work and tell me how well those grades or the GPA holds up after you break and crumble from the stress of deadlines and not losing your job.

Some people who I will not mention have exceptional skills and great grades and awesome GPA average but the question is: What else is going on in your life? Do you work or not? If not, then you have more time for study to get these exceptional grades. You also have no other responsibilities as of yet to go around bragging about how smart you are when your full of shit.

Just remember you will never be on my level……NEVER!

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