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ShotGun hitler

ShotGun hitler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No… that title makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to the actual post…

Seriously though, enjoy some safe-ass holidays and just remember that at least one of us will still be around to send shout-outs, approve commentary (hint hint) and look out for reblogs.

Thanks for making our blog everything it has become so far.

Happy whateverthefuck from Fisch Fail Inc., and here’s a Tank-esque Hitler just for all of you, as my whateverthefuck holiday gift.






It’s been a good run so far with FFI, and although we have a few slow-downs recently, we’re still growing every day.

Rainy Lake - August 2011-13

Rainy Lake - August 2011-13 (Photo credit: fabfotophotography)

If you are a reader of one little blog, casual or otherwise, you most likely won’t understand the title of this entry, and that’s a-ok. If you’re an author, most likely you won’t either, but you should and shame on you.

This date, August 13 2011, was when over one-thousand collective brains got to see the beauty that is Fisch Fail Inc. It was also the day that I noticed our blog was becoming something of a big deal. Honestly until that point I mostly blogged for no one, except for maybe myself and Mr. Fail, but afterward I began doing it for a lil ones… I mean the readers.

Seriously though; you guys have gotten us to new heights, and for that I am thankful.

A lot of crap has gone down recently (more on that later) so the blog has gotten somewhat neglected as of late, but hopefully that will change and more posts will be on their way.

Here’s to getting 1000000 views before the end of the year!

Welcome, don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and subscribe for the latest in entertainment. And if you use StumbleUpon, go ahead and give us a thumbs up, would ya? Thanks!

Fisch Fail, INC, is still a baby, still growing, still something…infant

If we were a human baby, we would be learning to speak, and maybe eat something that didn’t have the consistency of baby food. But fuck, we’ve already moved on to tacos and alcohol… Says something about us!

Anyway, yesterday we hit a random milestone… 20,000 views (and damnit, I was going to make sure I got to make this announcement!).

So, it took us nearly a year and a half to get our first 10,000… It took us 6 months, to get our second.

Lets try and beat that record (for us) even quicker.

Tell everyone about FFI, let’s do it!




New Year! New Me!

Posted: December 31, 2011 by MoonPie in Diet
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Once again it is that time of the year again, where we all make up New Years resolutions….

Ha, who really follows em? Not me, I say I will but fall off right away!

This year I am going to narrow down my resolution from just losing weight, which requires many steps.

I will take it one step at a time!

No Soda or high SUGAR drinks. I think that would be a nice STEP in to the right direction.

What do you all think about that?

Luz Brews Booze

Posted: December 3, 2011 by luzob in Random
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That’s right, you heard it from here… I am officially in the process of making beer!

I would say I am halfway through the brewing process, but since now is when it actually almost tastes like beer, I officially call it beer!

I took a sample (as it is about halfway through the beer-making process) and I was surprised… it was albeit flat… BEER!

Wanna see a pic?

This is beer (almost)

So there it is! The brew will be bottled as of this week and in-bottle conditioning will continue until sometime around Xmas. This bad boy was made with one of those pre-made concentrates, but as soon as my skills develop I’ll get more adventurous…

and of course I still fucked with it a lil bit… but all I added was allspice.

Okay that’s it for now, expect an update around bottling time.

I understand that title may come off as strange…


So it’s apparently been a personally productive week for the authors; me going back to work and a very belated Spring cleaning of the FFI Headquarters (sounds much more official than “FischFailHaus”) which I greatly appreiciate. With this production usually comes a lack of posts, but I can tell you on behalf of all of the authors that we are not dead! FFI will continue to survive, if not thive… hey, I rhymed…

As of late I’ve been on a momentous journey to lands previously unknown to others. A rare journey to not only a different world but a completely new state of mind.

The world: Tamriel… the land: Skyrim!

At first (due to my first three days with the game being unhindered by work or school) I was able to roam the lands with little heed to the “real” world whatsoever… then my vacation ended…

Nordic blood ran through me as I scaled mountains hunting for elk and swam streams in search for salmon… then I started actually taking quests… then I decided cheese wheels rolling down a mountain was more important… then more quests… dragon? DRAGON?! DRAGON!!!

Ahem… then I found the biggest loaf of bread, and placed it around other small loaves… (haha I love that there’s a bread Wikipedia)

Then mead… more mead… “Man… I wish wine, ale and mead had the same effect in real life.” WARHAMMER! “Whoa… there’s kids here… can I kill ’em?!?”

Two things I’ve learned from the first hour of playing: I may have A.D.D. and I may be insane.

So onward with my non-Syrim life (if there ever was one)… I has a wonderful two entire weeks away from work, and needless to say I would’ve enjoyed an gradual and gentle reintegration into the working world.

…Yeah no… I get overtime instead (which is a rarity normally) because people seem to NEED groceries around the holidays… more like holy-daze, amirite? No, no I’m not…

ANYway… So the past couple of days I’ve been on a caffinated derp-rush that can only be described as a… caffinated… derp… rush… and instead of enjoying my couple (or six) or tea that makes my life that more live-able I’ve been quaffing dram-like proportions of both that and coffee! (yeah… try saying all that in one breath, like I envisioned it)

So I suppose that is it for now, and soon an update upon more Skyrim adventures, AyCOoB, and maybe a story or two will be in the works from your’s truly.

Until then:


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim amulet

Image by Sergey Galyonkin via Flickr

Old Man Happy

Image via Wikipedia

Or maybe that is just while I was away… Either way, I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, especially for those people I haven’t heard from or see in years. Here are a few of the messages I received…

LuzOb (text message):  “Happy birthday faggot, get drunk.” Nice sentiments, but I was actually sleeping when I received that, and if I were getting drunk then, I would say I have quite the problem.

Amanda (phone): “Happy birthday, old fart, now you’re old!” Oh, fuck off you “youngin’”

My sister (text message): “Happy official 24th birthday!” Thanks, brat.

Scotty (phone): “Haaaaapppppyyyyy birfdae, big guy!” Maybe Scotty should lay off the drinking on my birthday?

Friend 1 (facebook): “Happy birthday”

Friend 2 (facebook): “Happy Birthday (name)! I hope you have a wonderful day!”

Friend 3 (facebook): “Happy birthday (name)!”

Friend 4 (facebook): “Happy birthday”

Friend 5 (facebook): “Happy Birthday Fish!”

My dad (text message): “HAPPY BIRTHDAY. PUNK. LOVE YOU” Thanks dad, I love you too.

Friend 6 (facebook): “You feel old?” Eh, not particularly…

My mom (text message): “Happy Birthday.”

LuzOb 2 (facebook): “Every time our birthdays pass one after another I remember how long we’ve been friends. Here’s to a few more dozen years as brothers. Happy Birthday man.”

Bexhet: “Hippy burpderp Grandma” Ummmm, wat!?

Jeremy: “Happy birthday bro! Long time no speak; hit me up on Facebook or with a text sometime!” Well, that’s what happens when a person moves away and they somehow lost your number…. Sorry.

JessiesaurusRex: “Happy birthday sweetie!”

Friend 7 (facebook): “Happy Birthday”

Friend 9 (facebook): “Happt birday!” Happy bird-day to you well good, sir!

Sweaty (facebook): “Happy birthday Fischy!”

Friend 10 (facebook): “Happy b-day buddy!” I’m not your buddy friend!

Friend 11 (facebook): “Happy birthday (name)”

Friend 12 (facebook): “happy birthday”

Friend 13 (facebook): “Happy birthday (name). Party like a rockstar” Yeah, work was sweet!

Amanda (facebook): “Happy birthday buddy, be careful, don’t hurt your wrist year lol… Take care bud!” Yeah, there was so much alcohol involved, I chased a black guy into the middle of the road and almost got hit by a car. Thanks!

Friend 14 (facebook): “Happy Birthday (name)!”

Friend 15 (facebook): “Happy Birthday!”

Friend 16 (ErinLovesTheWeb’s mom! From facebook): “Enjoy your birthday!!!!! Maybe Erin could bake you some delicious cupcakes?! Enjoy your day!!!!” Hell yeah, cupcakes would be awesome!

Friend 17 (ErinLovesTheWeb’s aunt! From facebook): “Happy Birthday (name)!”

Eldwardo (facebook): “Happy Birthday Fisch!”

Friend 18 (ErinLovesTheWeb’s sister #2! from facebook): “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SENIOR ALTO!!!! 🙂 Hope its lots of fun!!!!”

Breeish (facebook): “HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY GOD DAMMIT!” Breeish just might be the love of my life….

ErinLovesTheWeb’s Sister #2! (text): “Happy birthday Senior Alto!!! Have a big fun day!!!” It is always big fun with me!

Mama and Papa Bear: “Happy birthday, (name)!”

ErinLovesTheWeb’s Dad (text): “Happy birthday (name)! You are the recipient of the first text I’ve ever sent. Hope you have a great day!” You guys really have no idea how monumental this is.

LuzOb (text): “Happy citruiea again motherbrother” Uhhhh, wat!?

LuzOB (text): “Have a herrine auguiea!” Crack?

Rod (text): “Happy birthday big pimpin’, enjoy your day!” Yeah, little short of the money, I’ve got to get these hoes actin’ right!

I also woke up to find that ErinLovesTheWeb had made a post to the blog, created her bio, and made her “Fischisms” section of the blog go live. And ErinLovesTheWeb started working on a special video that only the members of Fisch Fail, INC know about (for now)! And LuzOb may have made the most amazing tribute post ever.

My birthday was definitely an interesting one. I had to wake up super early so that I could made it the Secretary of State to renew my license (or else no more work for me!), then I had to go immediately to work, after which I made my way to school. So great way to spend my birthday, I know…

I would also like to say that I might have the greatest family / friend base in the world. I can literally put it no other way, you guys rock. Thank you for making another, possibly shitty birthday rather good. Thank you.

I apologize for the shittiness of my hand handwriting. I actually though about making this entire post in a very similar format. So instead of typing it all out, make it a gif or me holding signs. I think that might have been fun, but I lost the motivation…

P.S. if for some reason the picture directly above isn’t being animated, click it. There is more to the message than “Thank You”