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Hello, once more, old friends… Sorry about the extended absence of so many of us, however, with this many of us living under one roof (or still

English: Flag of the National League of Famili...

English: Flag of the National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia – an American non-profit organization that is concerned with the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

being close enough to count), when sorrow and loss strikes at one of us, it strikes at all of us. At least that is the reasoning behind LuzOb’s, Drezirale’s, Grimnir’s, ErinLovesTheWeb’s (which lets face it, she is not an author, she is an editor), and mine “missing in action” statuses as of late.

So, on that note, I would like to say how truly sorry I am for LuzOb’s (and in many ways, my own) loss. There are truly no words, and I will leave it at that.

On a less sadness-inspired note, I was once again joined the blue-collar work force (which means, I once again go back to having money, but at the slow loss of my soul and sanity). And let’s count some of the other changes that have occurred for me this year…

In January, I officially gave up smoking after 16 years. And ErinLovesTheWeb and I celebrated our third anniversary.

In February, I severely reduced my alcohol and soda consumption. Sure, I still have some from time to time, but it not an everyday thing.

In March, I stopped eating meat. Not for ethical or religious reasons, purely for health (more on that later, if you all care).

In April, we all felt a great loss. I reconvened with several old friends that I haven’t seen in years, and made many new ones, as well. And apparently, Grimnir and I decided to possibly start making sweet, sweet music together. And, we had super “hippy-fest,’ wherein, Grimnir played guitar, I spun poi, and then we all got down on some hackey-sack.

And, not much of May has occurred yet, but this month I will be receiving now poi equipment (prepping for some Summer fire play!) and I will be getting an old bass back into my possession!

At some time during this year, Drezirale departed from the house of Fisch Fail, INC, and was replaced with Grimnir; ErinLovesTheWeb pseudo-moved away; Moon-Pie began dealing with several personal demons; Eldwardo drank and had a seriously downer article regarding his past; and Ech13 vanished from Earth (once again).

And, I think that is about it in terms of updates regarding the members of Fisch Fail, INC. Or at least that is all the news that I am aware of.

In other topics, the “Perk Dermp” and “Don’t Watch This’ series’ should continue very, very soon. And for those of you who still care the “Something bad has Happened…” series is being worked on, once again, and will hopefully be worth the wait.

I think that is going to be it for this one, keep an eye out for near-suture updates. Thank you for sticking with us.