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Hey guys, I’m not sure why this was never posted, although there is several authors who could have posted this particular story.Viking longship

So, I will tell it. At least as well as my fading memory will allow me to. If I am missing something, I apologize, but perhaps LuzOb, Drezirale, or Ullersson could fill in the blanks, they were there as well.

I don’t remember the date, and even to attempt to give one would be an insult to all of you, I do know it was a warm night in June or July (another reason some of my memories are fading).

But first, go ahead and click play on the song below and continue reading.

The plans had been made, LuzOb and Ullersson were going to meet for drink, cigars, and all the festivities that go along with those. And that is were the story begins. Soon after Drezirale joined the party.

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A Wench by My Side and a Jug of…

Posted: July 11, 2011 by luzob in Random
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That’s right, kiddies… My third post of the day. Apparently I’ve a lot to say today.

This one’s about one of my favorite alcoholic beverages; MEAD!

I Stumbled (lovely creation, it is) to a mead-making process that really got me interested in the whole process. Mr. Fail and myself have played with the idea of homebrewing for quite a long time now, but honestly this idea had fell to sheer fancy for too long. I want mead… more so my OWN mead! Being able to get drunk upon something you’ve created is most likely one of the best feelings in life… it would be like getting drunk with your son/daughter for the first time. Getting wasted with your child is all well and good… but getting drunk ON your own creation would seem very momentous.

Any good recipes? Anyone want to be part of this process? Throw us a comment!