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You guys get no description with this one…


Welcome, don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and subscribe for the latest in entertainment. And if you use StumbleUpon, go ahead and give us a thumbs up, would ya? Thanks!

I think I am gong to try and make a drunk security post about once a month, or so.Student Tased @ WKU Subway

In this first episode I discuss passwords, and even though I sound really drunk, I am only intoxicated (proof: I could log in to wp, and make intelligible statements after doing so).

I also forgot what I was going to say half way through, so this one is quite short, and in the future, I will try to write out the this before hand.

Either way, this is the first post in over a week, some it love, okay?

So, you may be asking, what the fuck are we doing around here? Not much, really. I personally have been working on some more background shit for the blog, as for the others, I don’t really know. Either way, I am out for now.
Remember, stay “chummy” my friends… Even when drinking.

It’s been a good run so far with FFI, and although we have a few slow-downs recently, we’re still growing every day.

Rainy Lake - August 2011-13

Rainy Lake - August 2011-13 (Photo credit: fabfotophotography)

If you are a reader of one little blog, casual or otherwise, you most likely won’t understand the title of this entry, and that’s a-ok. If you’re an author, most likely you won’t either, but you should and shame on you.

This date, August 13 2011, was when over one-thousand collective brains got to see the beauty that is Fisch Fail Inc. It was also the day that I noticed our blog was becoming something of a big deal. Honestly until that point I mostly blogged for no one, except for maybe myself and Mr. Fail, but afterward I began doing it for a lil ones… I mean the readers.

Seriously though; you guys have gotten us to new heights, and for that I am thankful.

A lot of crap has gone down recently (more on that later) so the blog has gotten somewhat neglected as of late, but hopefully that will change and more posts will be on their way.

Here’s to getting 1000000 views before the end of the year!

Welcome, don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and subscribe for the latest in entertainment. And if you use StumbleUpon, go ahead and give us a thumbs up, would ya? Thanks!

Fisch Fail, INC, is still a baby, still growing, still something…infant

If we were a human baby, we would be learning to speak, and maybe eat something that didn’t have the consistency of baby food. But fuck, we’ve already moved on to tacos and alcohol… Says something about us!

Anyway, yesterday we hit a random milestone… 20,000 views (and damnit, I was going to make sure I got to make this announcement!).

So, it took us nearly a year and a half to get our first 10,000… It took us 6 months, to get our second.

Lets try and beat that record (for us) even quicker.

Tell everyone about FFI, let’s do it!




Welcome, don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and subscribe for the latest in entertainment. And if you use StumbleUpon, go ahead and give us a thumbs up, would ya? Thanks!

Heh, a motivational post for Fisch Fail, INC? Not likely, and as of right now, this post doesn’t have much of a purpose. Just half asleep, nearly

Tomorrow Will Never Come

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exhausted rambling.

As my undergraduate career fast approaches its end, it is time I take on an internship. Tomorrow,I have an interview that I must pass, and then everything should be set up. I am a little nervous, a little excited, and a little apprehensive. But mostly just elated that I am nearing completion of this level of education.

Eh, bored with that train of thought now, moving on.

“Brazil Butt Lift” is on the television, and I can’t say I am particularly amused or excited by that.

It is fucking cold outside, and I want a nap, but I am getting ready to leave (haircut and shit), but maybe I can catch a nap while some stranger is humming around my head closer than I am (in most cases) comfortable with.

Okay, now bored with that train of thought…

Fuck, I love! Seriously that creator of that needs a lifetime supply of tacos and burritos.

Damnit, now I am hungry.

I’ve got the rumbleees in my stomach that only hands could satisfy…

Or something, either way, here is this for you guys…

Audio Post

Posted: October 31, 2011 by fischfail in Random



I’m not really sure what is going on with the attached audio. Something fucked up, somewhere…  Either way, the audio was supposed to be myself and LuzOb wishing everyone a Happy Halloween, and joking around and shit, instead it sounds kinda like we are gargling a bunch of cocks…

Anyways, normal posts will return tomorrow (that’s the first of November for our “dumber” readers, not that our readers are dumb). Thanks for hanging around.


Audio Post

Posted: September 3, 2011 by fischfail in Random

Audio Post

Posted: June 7, 2011 by fischfail in Uncategorized

So, it’s officially the one year anniversary of Fish Fail, INC. What can we do to mark this momentous occasion? Talk about what we always talk about… That’s right POOP!

Now this was mentioned a while back when I spoke of my first pooping experience. There really isn’t much to this story but it’s funny all the same.

When I was younger and living at my mom’s I had to poop and bad. This was a make or break kind of situation. I ran up the stairs, and past my mom entertaining guests in the kitchen. I run to the bathroom. My sister was in it at the time and I REALLY had to go.

So I run further down the hall to my mom’s bathroom. Here is where it gets funny. My mom has a small counter-top in front of the toilet. I forget this as I pull my pants down with urgency and sit down on the toilet with all the ferocity of a Creeper about to explode.

WHAM! I bang my head on the counter-top. Ignoring this I continue about my business, until I see blood on the floor. That’s right, I split my head open while pooping. I didn’t know if I should wipe my head or my ass. Eventually, after I’m done I go back to tell my mother what happened. She took me to the hospital, where I got eleven stitches.

Oh, and by the way… Your favourite Internet Sensation has returned!


We here at FF IT’S OUR EFFING BIRTHDAY! We are in need of celerecreajubilation! What should we do to enjoy this wondrous week? You… yeah YOU… let us know! …or I’ll stab you in the face w/ a soldiering iron… seriously…

By the way… Luz is BACK bitches!


Fisch Fail, INC is officially a year old now. Celebrate with us! Buy us stuff! Or just send us some donations so we can continue to do what we do…  I’ve got some plans for you all. Including a few tonight.

Audio Post

Posted: May 15, 2011 by fischfail in Uncategorized

Under no circumstances should you attempt this. It could have resulted in serious injury.  We are not professionals and neither are you…

This is the audio post made immediately after Drezirale was shot with a crossbow. Pictures are below…  Note: He was wearing armor.

Let me set up the scene for you.  There is Drezirale armored and standing at the end of the hallway.  Luz loads the crossbow.

All is silent.

The silence is nerve-racking.  Everyone except Luz is trembling with anticipation.


Drezirale is hit dead center, with pinpoint accuracy.  There is no movement.  There is no sound.

The silent seconds drift by, stretching for all eternity.

Still no one moves.  No one make a noise…

Then the sound of nervous laughter from myself and Luz.  Drezirale is still not moving.

Then Drezirale realizes he is alive.  He  begins to move, he is shaking…  What the fuck have we done?

But wait, there’s more

Audio Post

Posted: April 10, 2011 by fischfail in Uncategorized


So yeah, started to make an audio post then forgot what the fuck I was saying…


Edit: I remember now, it was regarding my posting schedule for this term.  I have no clue what its going to be right now, however, I should still have plenty of time for more ridiculousness.