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Interesting approach to computer security

Image by formalfallacy @ Dublin (Victor) via Flickr

So, here at Fischfailinc, we’ve mentioned exciting things
are in store for our faithful readers.

I, Moonpie, the one and only will be posting more articles
relating to Security, Computer security that is.

I find it fascinating, yet it will also enlighten me as well
as you readers about the importance of computer, internet, applications and data
protection. I will try my best to put it all in non-technical terms for our
readers.. Yet also teach a bit about being more secure online!

I hope you guys enjoy the upcoming post by me (MoonPie)


So, it’s officially the one year anniversary of Fish Fail, INC. What can we do to mark this momentous occasion? Talk about what we always talk about… That’s right POOP!

Now this was mentioned a while back when I spoke of my first pooping experience. There really isn’t much to this story but it’s funny all the same.

When I was younger and living at my mom’s I had to poop and bad. This was a make or break kind of situation. I ran up the stairs, and past my mom entertaining guests in the kitchen. I run to the bathroom. My sister was in it at the time and I REALLY had to go.

So I run further down the hall to my mom’s bathroom. Here is where it gets funny. My mom has a small counter-top in front of the toilet. I forget this as I pull my pants down with urgency and sit down on the toilet with all the ferocity of a Creeper about to explode.

WHAM! I bang my head on the counter-top. Ignoring this I continue about my business, until I see blood on the floor. That’s right, I split my head open while pooping. I didn’t know if I should wipe my head or my ass. Eventually, after I’m done I go back to tell my mother what happened. She took me to the hospital, where I got eleven stitches.

Oh, and by the way… Your favourite Internet Sensation has returned!


We here at FF IT’S OUR EFFING BIRTHDAY! We are in need of celerecreajubilation! What should we do to enjoy this wondrous week? You… yeah YOU… let us know! …or I’ll stab you in the face w/ a soldiering iron… seriously…

By the way… Luz is BACK bitches!


Fisch Fail, INC is officially a year old now. Celebrate with us! Buy us stuff! Or just send us some donations so we can continue to do what we do…  I’ve got some plans for you all. Including a few tonight.

This is a public pat on the back to Fisch Fail Inc. for it’s 100th comment! Take it in, boys and girls, we’re going for a lot more, so keep reading and we’ll keep posting.

For right now, though, I will be busy watching my favorite show, so deal with it.


“I’m the bouncer for the band.  It’s my job.”

Some of you may recognize the above quote as being from the very excellent movie “SLC Punk.”  So, why am I discussing a movie that came out 12 years ago (yeah, 1998)?  To bring up this point…

My name is Fisch, and i am a bodyguard, sort of…  but for the low, low price of about $20 an hour, I will offer my personal services to you as a bodyguard.  Want a personal bodyguard that blends in with the crowd? Done.  Want a guard who stands in the background and only jumps in when “shit starts popping”? Done.  Want a personal guard to travel around with you, and make you feel important? Easy.  Want a bodyguard who wears a suit and keeps people from getting too close? Psh, too easy.  Want a personal bouncer, who wears plain cloths (or cloths of your choice)? Can do.  the point I’m making here is: I can do it all.  Going to a club tonight and worried about some dickface starting some shit, no worries, your personal bodyguard will handle it before you even know what is going on.  Like I said, I can do it all, in a very efficient way.  It’s simple; leave me a comment discussing the situation and the appropriate attire, and we’ll work something out.

On a side note, expect ‘And you climb out of bed… Pt.2’ to be posted soon, which incidentally will be a full length post…  Something more than 250 words.