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Have you ever wondered if you scare people unintentionally? Would it be because of the way you look such as a Big Chest, wide pose, and a grim look on your face like the Undertaker? Where people around you feel safe because you look scary, or would it be that you are kind of diggin someone special and have got too clingy. Like whipping out your junk and swinging it around in front of people. Oh never mind that last comment! That would definitely scare people away! Lol!

Where is that line drawn between scaring someone and trying to get closer? It seems lately that the people in your life who you think are close are moving farther away. Are people really that scared? Deep down I know I am but fight to stay close to those I care for.

Now I don’t think I am scaring people away from me but scaring myself away from people. WTF am I afraid of?

Sometimes I just want  left alone and not bothered by anyone or thing. Yet, when the tables are turned there is no one there for me to talk to. Maybe I set myself up for failure without realizing it?

Who knows! Maybe I need a Zanax!

Guess I will just take it day by day like I have been.

Later dudes!



So here is a little story from a long time ago, a much simpler time. I didn’t have a care in the world.

Hell I was in Delray for Christ sakes, a mini community in Southwest Detroit, riddled with crime and crack heads on every corner although that’s beside the point.

A friend and I were walking the streets in search for some reefer!

We knew exactly where to get some too.

Or so we thought!

Mind you there were no street lights; you couldn’t see shit except the metal bars over the windows of houses with their lights on. Seemed to me like that’s living behind bars. (Pun intended)

Anyways, we walked a few blocks over to look for our buddy that could get us a stash quick.

Frightened slightly as we walked towards the house, yet excited at the same time, we finally arrive.

So we knocked and knocked and no answer “shit” I said “shit” now what are we going to do?

All of a sudden a man appeared from the side of the house, beer in one hand and a blade in the other.

Oh shit I thought, what the hell is happening, who is this guy? Ha it was our buddy’s dad but he was too drunk to recognize us.

He says “what the phuck you want? Why are you knockin on my door?” Now imagine someone totally wasted saying that! Really funny if you get imaginative!

Anyways back to the story

I said “Cass and I are looking for your son” and he quickly replied “who’s that”. Befuddled at this point and wondered who I was really talking to.

Well our buddy’s father quickly got annoyed by us and approached me fiercely as I stood my ground like I was going to do something haha!

Still while holding his beer he grabs his blade and places it on my thigh as if he was going to stab me. Yes! Yes! I was scared!

While I feared for my life I looked for some help, I turned to Cass but where did he go? He went to get help I know he did….. phuck no that punk was two blocks down standing behind a tree watching me from a distance. Little dick head hahaha good times.

My buddy’s dad finally took the blade off my thigh, mind you still holding that phuckin beer can and let me go. I ran away like the Michael Johnson in the 1996 Summer Olympics 200 meter dash… I am not kiddin ya!

Double record holder Michael Johnson still hol...

Image via Wikipedia

Now that’s a memory I will never forget!