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poster for Confession of Pain

poster for Confession of Pain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other morning, while ErinLovesTheWeb was at work, I took a small trip and ran into a friend I haven’t seen in months. She offered to buy me a cup of coffee while we caught up.

We sat down and began talking. She told me she felt out of tune with herself, that she has had serious relationship trouble lately. In fact, she apparently has not had a decent relationship since our separation.

After a little more chit-chat about our lives in the current, we place a to go order and decide to return to my house to further our discussion.

After a while we were both feeling rather low and needing of a hug.

One touch of her smooth curves left me feeling tingly once again. I hadn’t felt this way in years.

Moving my hand up I began caressing her neck softly, sweetly. She responds with a low growl.

With my right hand on her hip, we start slowly swaying back and forth. The next thing I knew, we are embracing a touch and desire that has long been neglected by the both of us. My hands caressing her body, her moans and cries filling my ears.

I begin at the top of her neck and work my fingers down every long beautiful inch until I am at her body, and then I begin the course upwards.

Before long we silently sneak inside to my bedroom. The bedroom that I happen to share with ErinLovesTheWeb.

I lay back on the bed, she across my chest, we begin to get to “warmed” up.

Soon my fingers have her moaning and deeply growling. If you have never heard it, it is a beautiful sound.

But then it happens… Right in the middle of our reunion, ErinLovesTheWeb walks in… And catches me…







Playing my bass.