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So the other day, late at night about one in the morning I stopped in at the local Walgreens to pick up some medicine for my sinuses. Nothing special or out of the ordinary, just making one last stop before heading home. I have my Pal with me and we walk in casual talking shit and what have you. I had a mission when I walked in; Grab sinus meds and some Orange Juice so I can get home and rest. Walgreens was dead and there was a few ladies working that night.

Anyways I was in the meds aisle and was searching for the best meds for the cold I had. AH I found them and grabbed two boxes and said to Cass “48 caplets should be enough for me to get through this” and as I said that a young girl who worked there stared me down as she walked away. I didn’t think nothing of it, it certainly wasnt my looks that kept her staring. I approached the end of the aisle way and there she was like long-necking me or something trying to hear my conversation I was having with Cass. I walked past her as she stared me down the whole time. I did not know what to think!

I grabbed my orange juice and asked Cass “what the hell was she looking at” as I walked up to the front to check out. I looked behind me and there she was still staring my down but this time she was behind the counter hiding and staring, I was like WTF.

I grabbed my stuff and proceeded out the front door and walked to my car, looked back and she was staring at me again from inside. I sat in my car for about 5 minutes and she kept a close eye on me until I drove off.

What the hell was all that about? I still have no idea why she stared me down. It was like I stole something, which I didn’t but what I should have done was just ask her what the deal was. Maybe she recognized me from somewhere! (shrugs shoulders)

Whatever!  Later dudes