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Steampunk desktop.

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Yep it’s one of them there topical posts, but with a little bit of a twist.

Now while I am writing this I am currently distracting myself with Plants v. Zombies as well, so bear with me.

I went to the mall today, and never in my life have I noticed the “mainstream-ness” of Steam punk. It’s not something like a big group of Victorian Era teeny-boppers were running around the scene (but I did see a Furry, but more on that later) or anything like that, and it’s not as if it were a cog-strewn wonderland either. It was… subtle…

So me, Weakening Elms (my lovely girlfriend, more on her in the Sleep Talking tag), and Bexhet (a good friend who should JOIN US!) were gallivanting through the mall and we go into a poppy-trendy women fashion store (thank Ms. Elms for that one) and she holds up a pair of earrings. Looking nice but nothing important to note, were two peacock-feathered coppery earrings she wanted. There was some sort of buy-one-get-one sale going on, so she decided to pick another. These were something to behold, in my opinion; a copper/bronze cuckoo-style clock top with chains leading to metal feathers. It was strange to see in such a store, and then I began to pay attention.

Small steam punk-ish watch parts dangled delicately upon keychains (Ms. Elms was enthralled by the “antiquish” look) and faux skeleton keys were hung from antique-looking necklaces. I immediately thought to myself “oh wow… if there were some sort of Cthulhu -themed necklace I would freak” and continue – now growing in interest – the look-around.

Then I saw the fucker…

Seriously… while not exactly Cthulhu… it was a detailed silver octopus with zirconium (or crystals, I dunno, I’m a guy) for suction cups.

Was I to be displeased and vow to never visit the mall again? …or bow to my corporate overlords and give up?

I quickly got over myself and onward we went.

Into another store…

…with more brass/bronze/copper flash mixed with Victorian elements mixed with Lovecraft-esque flair. What do, Internet? What… do?!?

Needless to say there was much to wonder about and many things to ponder, but honestly I know I will not fall into the Hipster-like quality of “I liked it before it be all mainstreamy” because steam punk was rather popular well before I took an interest.

So well and behold: steam punk is here, and apparently not going any-damn-where any-damn-time!