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I think I like the word “nonsense” almost more than any other non-taco-related word out there. I’m not really sure why.

So I moved 200 miles away from the only world I knew. That isn’t to say that I’m living 200 miles away from Earth, it’s just that my world has always been a VERY small and confined place. It’s taking a lot of getting used to, and I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. So whats a guy to do when he basically is in a brand new place, with nothing but time on his hands? Grow as a person and branch out, becoming stronger in the process?

If that means drink a lot and sulk… then yes?

So here’s my attempt to not only start up a new hobby for myself but also get some desperately need social interaction:

This is the Official LuzOb Twitch profile

Once again I’m here to shamelessly promote something! But if I can’t promote my own content to my own fanbase, then who can?

I’m somewhat hopeful that this will end up panning out to something that at least gives me joy, and maybe down the line end up giving me a little extra revenue? Because you’ve stuck with us for so long I will give our lovely readers exclusive updates, and if you help me out I will make sure to help you out as well.

Thank you for the years of support despite my sporadic authorship.


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Writing from my university, woot!

So after a little while I am indeed back from my sabbatical from the blog. I’ve not been busy necessarily, just preoccupied with life and such. I’ve also been secretly promoting our blog once again through word-of-mouth, and thought that the promoter should at least write something… so there ya go.

In other news we should be getting a guest post from a different blog within this month, but this is not in stone whatsoever so keep your eyes peeled for that.

In partly related news we here at FFI have been keeping up-to-date with most gaming news and trends, and as an invested zombie fan and gamer I wanted to let all of you know that the indy-ish game company Undead Labs have been working on their game State of Decay (previously known as Class 3) for awhile now, with little in terms of a release date or any progress besides “we’re getting there!”. As of May 29th a random post on their blog gave the final release date (for the xbla version) of June 5th, or two days from this post. I’d give you the rundown of the game, but just check out their link:

As of the personal lives of the authors, lately Grimnir has moved away after finding a pretty sweet apartment deal, so things have been a bit more glum around the house unfortunately. Don’t think that this news has affected our religious pursuit, though, as I’ve been looking deeper into the lore of Norse Paganism, including a deeper knowledge of the runes that I could only do solo. My attunement (my own word) with the Gods, while tentative during the roughest of patches in my life, is slowly strengthening with study and time. While this may not be something earth-shattering to our readers, it is very important to me.

Lastly I’ve been collaborating with a co-worker on a possible series of short stories that I will, of course, post here for everyone to see. He’s kinda smart as all get-out, so maybe he can help me with aspects of a storyline that I am lacking. Who knows… this may even become a regular thing?

(for some reason I cannot add my sig to the bottom, so I am saving this to post it later of let Fisch post it for me! ERASE)

As a side note from FischFail… Sorry I was supposed to post this a week ago…



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Hey Eldwardo here with just a simple post.



Go play  Bioshock: INFINITE

If you enjoy an intelligent engaging story and amazing game play you will not be disappointed.

Seriously if you play video games you need to play this. DO IT

Yes that means every member of FFI

You lovely bastards.




This’ll be a quick one today, I’m running a little late.

Three important things today…

Our fellow author Drez lost a furry quadrupedal friend today, so be nice to him. I never met the creature but I know it shall be missed.

On a more controversial note… Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot…

Lastly today is the day…

the day for Halo…

I am so insanely busy with school… but I need some alien-shootery in my life.

That’s it for right now, boys and girls…

Light your candles, and Server will protect us all.



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Hello to all the FischFail readers out there!

It seems somewhat lonely these days here at the blog.

Everyone’s either been sick or having brain farts.

Or maybe life’s stressing the hell out of most of us.

Specifically talking about me, Stresses is not exactly the word I am looking for but will do.

These Classes I am taking are somewhat demanding and has taken a serious toll on my social life.

I guess it all work and no play make me a dull boy.

Hell I haven’t wrote a blog in forever… I have all the author’s breathing down my neck.

I would like to apologize for my absence and I will try my best to keep up.

Now on the other hand I have been reading a lot about Astronomy, it is an amazing subject.

Firewalls and VPN’s mmmm kind of boring since the teacher sucks at it and struggles to find things to keep us busy in class.

Internet web application hacking is a fun class in my book, since Mr. Fail and I both have the same teacher and we both agree he is an awesome teacher.  One of the best I have had in a very long time.

All these classes are seriously kicking my ass guys, I work full time and have computers still waiting to be repaired, and these customers keep calling me like phuckin bill collectors for Christ sake.  All I know is bitches betta have my money.

On a side note, I would like to thank Luzob, one or our prestige authors here at FischFailInc for keeping the blog alive in eve of our absences. Thanks bro!



I don’t think I’ve heard a word about this game except maybe rumors like 4 months ago and now I find out this game comes out in less than a week?! I AM SUPPOSED TO KNOW THESE THINGS! I want this to be good for the love of all things 90’s PLEASE be good!

Also no new posts in like 3 days? wtf FFI? Did ZDay happen AND I MISSED THAT TO!?

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Traffic cone

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Hello Fisch Fail, INC readers…. I have a joke for you all.

If a Protoss from Starcraft got a job at a traffic cone making factory, what does his supervisor say to him when he doesn’t make his quota?

“You must construct additional pylons!”


Here’s another….

Why are Final Fantasy VII Chocobos not as fun as Chocobos from all the other games in the series?

They are all Wark and no Qwei!