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Simu-Post December 2010

Posted: December 7, 2010 by luzob in Life, Personal, Weight Loss
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What does this mean?!? This means I am posting on both of my blogs AT THE SAME TIME! Whoo… how nice…

A quick apology to the readers of this fine forum on behalf of myself and Fisch, we’ve been busy boys as of late and I am assured forgiveness will ensue. A hardy thanks from us both!

Speaking of “both”… I will be writing each entry one paragraph at a time, alternating as I go. So far this seems to be a novel way to keep my attention, and I feel as if I am doing only half as much typing, strangely enough. This is reminding me of a new homework-completion strategy I have learned about and will possibly be implementing. It is formally called the “30/30” process and basically involved doing thirty minutes of nose-to-grindstone work, then thirty minutes of something in which is enjoyable. The point is to have a feeling of “a break is just around the corner” while still feeling “I must get all I can done by this time” as well. Mayhap I will use this for my next semester, as this one is rapidly coming to a close, much to my relief.

Acing all of my classes, hammering out a consistent work out routine, and generally attempting to bring about positive change has left me spent in a multitude of ways. Yet I still push onward, entranced within a world of improvement which is solely my own, and push I shall.

With change comes what i would call a mental extinction burst (look it up) whereas I must digress into a mood similar to the common Pagurus armatus, or hermit crab. This may need some clarification; I want to run away, to the respite of my bed – crawling beneath – and awaiting until all personal betterment has receded. Frivolous, yes? Though the thought of cowering in my room permeates through my being, I still trudge onward.

Such dramatic language I use today, blamed on the large composition paper I had to write in one entire day. Luckily this will pass and the usual lackadaisical vernacular I execute will come fourth within the next few days. Laziness, here’s looken’ at you…

Speaking of apathy I will now cut this short, with the hope of publishing more often.

Life is just funny sometimes.

Posted: July 15, 2010 by fischfail in Diet, Health, Life, Weight Loss
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So, about an hour ago ErinLovesTheWeb and I returned from our first trip to the gym (yes, I got my membership) and we feel great.  However, we both agree that next time we should convince Stephanovitch to come with us (as long as he still has his membership.  We had a lot of fun, and actually plan on returning later today, as it’s going to be a week or so before we can go back).

On, a side note, I resumed my diet today, and as a result I feel great once again.  I also had only 2 sodas today (both were Coke Zeros.).  And on an even further note, me and ErinLovesTheWeb is giving the no smoking thing, a go.  Hopefully, it all works out well.

I’m going to try and post information along the way in regards to my success…  Maybe a few pictures here and there, but those won’t be a while yet.  But, I think this is all for now, watch for a real post a little later today.