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That is what I have been lately, So sorry fans

A lot has gone down lately in life.

Sorry to Fisch Fail INC for being gone so long, who knows when I will be back again.

Debating on going back to school….. I think I need to but I don’t want to… still deciding.

Also dealing with issues inside my head I guess it’s what we call stress, and there is a lot of it in there!

Been spending a lot of time with a special friend who has been through so much in the last few months and she is

a very sweet girl, confused but sweet nonetheless. My heart has grown big for her but I have no place in hers.

Rather friendship then nothing at all I guess but how long can I torture myself. I love her family, she even got me going

going back to church and I love it. I try to separate myself from her sometimes but then I feel like I am abandoning her

and that is not what she needs now. She needs me and her family and her church family. We are good to her.

On another note, my mom is getting older and I grow worrisome of her health sometimes, it’s just another added stress.

Five years ago I seen myself in a different place then I am in now, I want to know what happened? Did I fall off? Did

I give up? I am still here though even though times are hard and I’ve been told its gets harder before it gets any


I guess that’s just life! Thanks for listening fans I will try to visit more often with more uplifting stories!!! tata!!

I got a feeling, somebody’s watching me…

Posted: April 17, 2011 by drezirale in Life, Poop
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I’d first like to start this off by saying some of the craziest shit happens to me at work. Well some of you may or may not know that I work at a multimillion dollar insurance agency. Actually, I work midnights at a gas station. We get all kinds of unbelievable occurrences. People set the pumps on fire, pass out in our lawns, shit in our trash cans, piss on employee cars, driving off with with pumps still in their tanks– taking the hose with them, and a first for me today a woman paying for and pumping gas into vehicles parked at the pumps. No seriously! I’d have people come in to pre-pay and she’d already had run her card and began pumping. She did this more than once, like five cars before I finally stopped her. Her excuse was that she thought it was her car. That’s right, thought it was her car… five times.

However, you don’t want to hear about these. Based on the views we get you want to hear about poop. Now, I know I’m not normally the one who does these kinds of stories. All the same this was too tragic of an incident not to share. I actually– unlike other authors, can poop in public places. This doesn’t bother me as I usually make a nest or hover over the bowl like the moon from Majora’s Mask, and pray for little to no splashback. Though, mind you I work at a gas station. There is an extra level preparation needed to fully cleanse it. We’ll get into that later.

But wait, there’s more… Warning, this one is a little graphic