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This post is all about Genndy Tartakovsky and his amazing way to slip what some would call racy material I call awesome. Now I’m going to post these videos in chronological order of Genndy’s work mainly for two reasons. A: Because it helps understand his what freedoms he was granted for which shows. B: I want to post the video I found that started it all. Also, I am going to throw a few other videos in here and there to spice things up.

So lets start off with one of his earlier works. This show is called 2Stupid Dogs. This premiered roughly in the mid-nineties. This actually makes a decent amount of sense as to why such a show would be racy as around the same time shows such as Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Freakazoid, and Rocko’s Modern Life really testing the waters, some harder than others. Though we do really have to thank The Simpsons for this as well. As The Simpsons came into it’s own the really paved a way and took a fair amount of the flack for the programs to follow. I also would like to point out NONE of these videos were edited either a visual or auditory manner. As we proceed it may seem some of them are but a assure you, I have multiple sources that state otherwise.

In any case here is a clip from 2Stupid dogs:

Though, this cartoon was known to be suggestive there was another animal duo who emerged three years prior that Genndy did NOT have a hand in that pushed the bar a bit further.

I think you know I mean Ren and Stimpy:

With that out of the way we can start to move into the modern era of cartoons. Though Dexter’s Lab had it’s debut in ’96 I still attribute it to the collective of modern cartoons. To put it simply, late nineties and early 2000’s saw the kibosh being put on a few of these so called suggestive content. However, this did not stop Genndy. Did you know there was an unaired  episode of Dexter’s Lab with actual swearing? I kid you not, it’s actually called Rude Removal.

Here is the original Toonami TV spot for it:

If that’s not bad enough take a look at it’s Title Card:


I’ve actually seen the episode and can confirm this as all legit. I’d link to the actual episode as it’s only 8 minutes long but I can’t find one that stays up long enough. Though as far as Dexter’s Lab goes, that’s really the worst it gets. Other than that it’s relatively mellow. There will be a few quips every now and again but nothing to write home about. The Powerpuff Girls however has a plethora of Innuendo. We could start with the fact that Sara Bellum’s address is 69. Maybe the fact that every scene she and The Mayor are together more than likely made little boys pants tighter. We could also you know, cover anything involving the villain Him. However, that’s just too obvious. Plus, I wanted to search for things and personally I feel what I found was funnier.

Here is the first clip:

Here is another good one writhe with innuendo.

Protip: Funniest part is 2:10-2:20:

Next we have Samurai Jack. Really not much I can find on this one it’s really hard. However, to be completely honest I can see why. Samurai Jack is meant to be Genndy’s “serious show.” I can accept this, and I wish I could link up the YouTube Poop version of his encounter with The Scotsman because damn near the whole bridge banter they have is hilarious. I would also post the video where he enters playing his bag pipes and says “By the look on your face I can tell you like the pipes wee laddie” but that’s only really funny if you’ve seen the YouTube Poop version. So instead I chose the video where The Scotsman throws a plethora of insults at Jack.

Here it is:

Now, I actually found a funny unrelated video trying to find a funny interaction between Jack and The Scotsman.

I almost lost my shit with this, so funny:

Finally, we come to the video I Stumbled that started it all. This is a video of Genndy’s new show Symbionic Titan. I used to watch the show a while back but I’d stopped for some reason. This clip in all actuality is quite popular all around the internet right now. There are even some edits and remixes of it. This is an original unedited copy. Even the music was on the show, which is great because the song is absolutely hilarious. You’ll see what I mean. Now after a bit of research I found out that this clip is actually not out of the ordinary for the show. Back when I watched it, the show seemed a tad devoid of this kind of thing, but it would appear that in the increasing years they have gotten a bit more brave with what they do. With shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show taking a large percentage of the hits, it would appear we’ve come full circle. I’m actually a little sad I stopped watching this show.

This is fucking hilarious:


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NSFW (Photo credit: Travis S.)

After the popularity of my recent picture post, I decided to do a semi-regular picture post containing ridiculous images I have found while traversing the Internet. Again, I am making no claims that these images are my own (unless otherwise noted), and I do apologize if you feel I have stolen from you in some way. None of the images in this post are explicitly NSFW, however depending on your work environment, there may be one or two that could be bothersome. And now, all the warnings are out of the way.

On to the show!

This time around, I have a collection of 35 images sure to brighten your day, confuse you, or finally convince you to stop visiting us (not that we want that, but things happen).


It is true, I’ve run the tests.


I really feel this should have made it in



The day SpongeBob learned how to deepthroat.

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