Verbal Derps

This section of the blog is dedicated to the stupid things people say. Sometimes the statements are serious, and other times the speaker develops a sudden onset case of verbal diarrhea, either way, they tend to amuse us. So, we put them online for everyone to see!

If you have one you personally like and would like to share with us, feel free to submit them as a comment below or to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or gmail.

This page will continue to grow and evolve, please make sure to check back often.



fischfail, July 28, 2013…

ErinLovesTheWeb, LuzOb, and I were sitting in a diner, and this spewed forth from LuzOb… Incidentally, it is not the first time a quote said at this particular establishment has made it here…

7-28-13 jerky spit

fischfail, July 9, 2013…

I was running a weekly tabletop game with a group of friends, and the discussion turned to meat… Somehow.

7-9-13 roast sex


fischfail, July 6, 2013…

ErinLovesTheWeb and I were discussing a possible picnic with LuzOb:

7-6-13 picnic

sixhourstocopley, July 5, 2013…

Been embracing a predominately vegetarian diet for the last three weeks. The following occurred last night:

6-8-13 barbecue submission


fischfail, June, 28, 2013…

One night, LuzOb and I were drinking, and this pleasant little blurb erupted from his mouth… I really wish it wasn’t true, but sadly it is…

6-28-13 animal farts


fischfail, June, 28, 2013…

A month or so after I officially stopped eating meat, I walked into my parent’s house, drinking a milk shake and enjoying the warm weather. Mind you, this comes from the same guy who thinks “Timecop” is the greatest movie of all time… Don’t believe me? Read about it here: My dad is awesome

6-28-13 death milk


fischfail, June, 28, 2013…

When first relating the story of my new diet to my grandmother…

6-28-13 no eating

fischfail, June, 28, 2013…

When first relating the story of my new diet to the family of ErinLovesTheWeb

6-28-13 no pizza

fischfail, June, 28, 2013…

When eating a dish of corn and peas in a basil sauce one night.

6-28-13 fake food

fischfail, June, 28, 2013…

I’ve always been allergic to tuna, I cannot tell you why, but I cannot consume it… If I do, i become violently ill. A lot of people know this little fact about me. About two months after my official end to meat consumption, LuzOb approaches me with this:

6-28-13 fish hearts


fischfail, June, 28, 2013…

One night, ErinLovesTheWeb and my I went to get a bite to eat, and I ordered some vegetarian dish.

6-28-13 side steak


fischfail, June, 28, 2013…

One day I arrived at my parent’s house to meet with them and just hang out for a bit… Being an average concerned parent, my dad asked me a simple enough question.

6-28-13 not meat shit


fischfail, June, 28, 2013…

Misc quotes to come from various sources whose back-stories do not matter or have occurred too frequently to care about it.

6-28-13 bacon

6-28-13 pizza

6-28-13 missing bacon

6-28-13 nevermind the pizza


Random Encounters

fischfail, June, 28, 2013…

I have been spinning poi on and off for a few years now, as a result, I have felt my fair share of injuries, which gives way to this conversation, and proves once and for all, size does matter.

6-28-13 massive balls


fischfail, June, 28, 2013…

I was spinning in my front yard one day, and two kid walking down the street decided to ask me some questions.

6-28-13 karate poi


fischfail, June, 28, 2013…

I was spinning in my front yard one day with Grimnir when a car stopped in front of the house and asked me to come to vehicle, briefly

6-28-13 magic poi


fischfail, June, 28, 2013…

One night I was playing with some LED-glow poi in the front yard, and a “house-guest,” stepped outside for a cigarette. As a brief note, I would like to point out I have been sober for quite some time now (years), but we will see the relevance there, momentarily.

6-28-13 spinning high


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